Mr Ninja 2.36 MOD Unlocked weapons, characters APK
Mr Ninja MOD APK 2.36

Mr Ninja 2.36 MOD Unlocked weapons, characters APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Mr Ninja
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 35MB
Latest Version 2.36
MOD Unlocked weapons/characters
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Mr Ninja will test your acumen and stagnation in hundreds of fun puzzle levels. It is a sequel to the famous Mr Bullet, but instead of using them, you have a long sword that can cut through anything. Use your sword to destroy every enemy on each level. Later on, you can even unlock darts, dynamite, and more. Puzzle wars will become more and more epic. The enemy system is also increasingly rich, giving you many new challenges. You can take advantage of the environment to defeat the enemy, but that’s when you have enough creative thinking. So, do you want to take an intelligence test? Hilarious hack and slash missions are waiting for you to discover here.

Download Mr Ninja MOD APK – Addictive action puzzle gameplay

This game is for those who love ninja action style but don’t like cumbersome manipulation. It is built with simple gameplay, an easy-to-understand storyline, and an extremely rich mission system. You only need to swipe on the screen to perform quick and deadly slashes like a real ninja. No need for virtual keys or on-screen icons. Is such a simple operation enough to satisfy you? Besides, the attractiveness of the game also comes from the variety of contexts, enemies, and action styles. How you play is up to you, as long as you win, you all deserve the bonus. But find a way to optimize each slash to bring back the absolute bonus and as many stars as possible.


Explore dozens of quests and enemies

Join the game, you play as a ninja on a mission to eliminate criminals. Your enemies can be anyone from spies, agents, zombies, aliens, or even mean master ninjas. They appear randomly in your stages, and you must kill them all with the least number of slashes possible. You will use your sharp iron sword to do that. You should swipe on the screen in reasonable directions so that each slash is effective. But will you swipe straight, horizontal or diagonal? Observe and analyze the battlefield to find the most effective slash, helping you to reach 3 stars on each level.

But the best way to play is that you have to know how to take advantage of the environment. The game’s map includes various obstacles and details, and they’re not as useless as you might think. Do you see a log placed near the targets? Maybe you can slash there many times to create small logs that hit enemies in the head. Besides, on some other levels, you can see bombs, ropes, iron crates, and more. Take advantage of slashes to bring out the true effect of these obstacles. An exploding bomb can create an explosion that deals with massive damage. On some levels, you can even use darts like a real ninja.


Various skins and weapons system

Mr Ninja brings many unique skins for you to customize your character. So save your bonus to shop for your favorite skins. It could be a sword-wielding boxer skin, a stick-wielding thug, a warrior, a knight, or even a mage. The new skins do nothing to make you play better, it’s all about your skill and intelligence. But any player dreams of having unique skins to become the most stylish ninja in this game.

Besides, you should also unlock many weapons to diversify the action style. It can be an ax, chainsaw, baseball bat, long sword, bow, magic stick, and more. The weapons will come with unique and eye-catching attack effects. You get more excited every time you get a new weapon, right? In addition, the novelty also comes from the battlefield context. Each level is unique with unique map layouts. Moreover, after some levels, the landscape will change, leading you into the deep forest and then the streets, back to the medieval period, and then back to the pirate era…


Fun and colorful design

Each screen in this game is designed quite simply on the vertical screen of the phone. But it is still very impressive with well-organized, fun images and bright backgrounds. You can see characters with extremely diverse designs, which are pirates, spies, knights, zombies, and more. The slashing effects are also very smooth, creating a feeling of refreshing action. The background is rich, the music is also very vibrant and joyful.


Therefore, if you love this style of idle puzzle action, don’t miss Mr Ninja. Now you can download the game for free to your phone and enjoy the eye-catching hacksaw puzzles. Show your intelligence to get the maximum score in each level. You can enjoy vivid slashes and explosions after every swipe on the screen.

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