2248 – Number Puzzle Games 357 MOD Unlimited Diamonds APK
2248 - Number Puzzle Games MOD APK 357

2248 – Number Puzzle Games 357 MOD Unlimited Diamonds APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name 2248 - Number Puzzle Games
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Inspired Square FZE
Size 74MB
Latest Version 357
MOD Unlimited Diamonds
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Remember the legendary 2048 game? Now you will find a new game like this game, which is 2248 – Number Puzzle Games. This game builds on the classic 2-4-8 mechanics to create new mechanics you’ve never seen before. There are hundreds of levels available for you to enjoy this mechanic. Moreover, you will not play alone but will compete with your friends online. Is this game easy? Of course, it will not make it easy for you to conquer every level. You will have a lot of trouble during the puzzle, but there is always a way to solve it. Let’s download this game and show your puzzle talent.

2248 – Number Puzzle Games – Fun logic puzzle gameplay!

Puzzle games are often not just for fun, but can also help improve intelligence. 2248 – Number Puzzle Games is one such game. This game will help you relax with colorful merge puzzle boards. It also helps you to improve logical reasoning, improve memory, keep concentration and increase reflexes. It’s great, isn’t it? A simple game can do this much, and you can download it for free. The gameplay is also very simple, so it only takes less than 1 minute to get used to.


New puzzle mechanics

If you have ever played 2048, it is not difficult to access this game. It builds on the familiar 2-4-8 mechanism. Specifically, your task is to match the same numbers to remove them from the puzzle board. For example, you would match the numbers 2, the numbers 4, the numbers 6, the numbers 8, and so on. But not stopping there, you can combine the same numbers and another with the condition: the other number must be equal to the sum of the same numbers. Specifically, you can 2-2-2-2 and 8 (which is the sum of 4 2 APK.

As another example, you can match 2-2-2-2-8-16 (16 is the sum of 4 numbers 2 and 8 APK. You have the right to apply this mechanism anywhere on the map. However, make sure that the paired numbers are spaced one cell apart and in 8 directions (up, down, left, right, and 4 diagonal directions APK. Besides, do not mix too messy, but think of a smart move plan. The game has no time limit or number of moves so you can play for as long as you like. The more you match, the higher the score.


Take advantage of useful boosters

Similar to many other puzzle games, 2248 – Number Puzzle Games gives you a unique booster system. These boosters will help you conquer the level in many different ways. Such as:

  • Hammer: helps you destroy a certain area up to 9 squares.
  • Swap: helps you to swap the position of any 2 cells on the puzzle board.
  • Light: Gives you a good suggestion if you’re stuck on merging ideas.

There are many other boosters that you should discover all by yourself. But to use any booster, you must accumulate points to unlock. If the stat per booster is 0, you cannot use it. You can also collect boosters as daily rewards. The booster system will help you conquer the puzzle board to get a higher score. At the same time, that is the only hint for you in difficult situations. Can you take advantage of them to collect the Infinite Block? The Infinite block will appear only when you match big numbers together.


Simple and smooth controls

It can be said that the gameplay of this game is really simple and accessible. It’s like when you play a match-3 puzzle, just tap and swipe your finger across the screen. These swipes are also very smooth, giving a refreshing puzzle feeling. The effects after each merge make that feeling even more intense. However, sometimes you will get stuck in difficult levels. Playing is very simple but conquering the game is not easy at all. Moreover, you also have to compete for positions with other players on the leaderboard.


Exciting puzzle effects

Everything in this game is designed to be simple but impressive enough. The main character of the game is a puzzle board with numbered squares. Those are the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, and more. They are very familiar to all of us, especially fans of the legendary 2048 game. Besides, each square is highlighted and distinctly colored. This makes them easier to identify. In particular, the eye-catching and vibrant puzzle effects make the game more attractive.

If you want to test your puzzle skills, why not try 2248 – Number Puzzle Games ? This game will give you a puzzle feeling that is both familiar and new. New puzzle mechanics will challenge many players around the globe, including you. You will compete with your friends online with puzzles, what could be more fun? Match the number squares your way to the highest score.

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