Punch Bob 1.0.85 MOD Unlocked Modes, Remove Ads APK
Punch Bob MOD APK 1.0.85

Punch Bob 1.0.85 MOD Unlocked Modes, Remove Ads APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Punch Bob
Requires Android 4.4
Size 149MB
Latest Version 1.0.85
MOD Unlocked Modes, No ADS
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Punch Bob is a fun sports game with a puzzle element. It brings you hundreds of levels with crazy and addictive challenges. At each level, your mission is to defeat other boxers and rescue the hostages. But you don’t need to use any complicated skills, simply swipe on the screen. Your job is to hit the targets on the screen and defeat them. Be aware of dodging hostages and traps. And don’t forget to take advantage of terrain and obstacles to increase influence. No ammunition, no trigger, and sublime boxing battles. This is where you have to show off your observation and puzzle skills.

Download Punch Bob MOD APK – Puzzle gameplay with fun physics elements

What do you think about boxing? Was it intense and dramatic fights between two boxers? Punch Bob will make you rethink this subject with completely new gameplay. It’s more of a puzzle game than a sport because it requires no skill or action strategy. Instead, you have to use your brain more to conquer funny logic games. Not only in the gameplay, but the visual style of the game also brings the necessary intimacy. You will play an overweight boxer who is trying to conquer the championship by defeating other boxers. His body is not a barrier to victory, on the contrary, it will give you an advantage.


Hundreds of addictive logic levels

This game has hundreds of different levels. At each level, the challenge for you boxers is arranged in different positions. Your job is to beat them with jumps, not boxing skills. Just swipe on the screen to navigate and release to jump. But you need to consider many different factors if you want to conquer every level. First, you need to align the jump direction appropriately. You need to reach the target to defeat them while avoiding harming the hostages (if any APK.

Second, you need to know how to take advantage of obstacles to save your jumps. Don’t forget that you only have a certain number of punches in each level. Meanwhile, there are quite a few objectives to beat in each level. So, to spread the impact of each punch and jump, find ways to take advantage of obstacles and terrain. For example, you can hop on a bomb to create a huge explosion, push a giant iron ball at an enemy’s head, drop a bomb in the midst of enemies, and destroy a wooden bridge to make enemies fall into … There are many different ways for you to beat other boxers. With the win, you will receive a well-deserved reward.


Unlock new skins and maps

With the money earned through each level in Punch Bob, you can freely shop for unique items. Those are different skins for you to design your fighter, making him look cooler and funnier. As for the enemy system, their skins will automatically change through each level. It could be a rich tycoon, a karate fighter, a true boxer, a nimble ninja, and more. In addition, the map also changes dynamically, bringing you to many different locations from deserts to jungles, snowy mountains, and many other themes. Therefore, you will always feel like everything is new.

Some tips to play the game well

To conquer this game, you need certain tips, such as:

Wall jump: If you want to reach a distant target, you can’t just use a single jump. Instead, you can jump against the wall, thereby creating momentum to jump again and reach the enemy. This method is also suitable to apply if you want to overcome dangerous obstacles.

Swing: In a situation where you are tied to an enemy, swing and jump vigorously to make him fall into the hole. But pay attention, you need to dance wisely so as not to affect your life.

Destroy platforms: Platforms can be ice, wood, or earth. They are usually quite fragile so you can destroy them with a single jump and touch. This will help you reach more enemies instead of jumping on each target.


Funny design, vivid sound

With a humorous design, this game makes a lot of gamers enjoy it. The boxer looks chubby and adorable, while his enemies are just as hilarious. The game context changes flexibly through the levels and is designed with many different colors. The effects of falls, collisions, fights, and more are also very vivid. The music is upbeat, helping gamers relax while playing.

All in all, Punch Bob is a fun and addictive game. Don’t miss it if you are looking for a fun puzzle game. Show your ability to defeat every boxer in the levels and win the championship. Only with precise swipes on the screen, you can do it. Even if you don’t know anything about boxing, you can easily play this game well.

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