Draw flights drawing puzzle1.1.0 MOD Lots of Money, Rewards without ads APK
draw flights - drawing puzzle MOD APK 1.1.0

Draw flights drawing puzzle1.1.0 MOD Lots of Money, Rewards without ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (17 hours ago)
Name draw flights - drawing puzzle
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher FTY LLC.
Size 84MB
Latest Version 1.1.0
MOD Unlimited Money, Rewards without ads
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Introduce about draw flights drawing puzzle to test your creativity right on your phone! This game gives you hundreds of different levels with super addictive gameplay. Your task in each level is to draw reasonable lines to help the character land safely. This task does not require you to learn advanced drawing skills. So you can reach the game in just a few minutes starting. But you need to show your creativity to conquer all challenges. Each puzzle is a situation but there are dozens of different solutions. Find the most reasonable solution to score a perfect score.

draw flights drawing puzzle – Puzzles that challenge your creativity!

Right from the title of the game, you can recognize the gameplay of draw flights drawing puzzle. These are creative puzzles that you will draw lines to solve. This is not a brilliant art puzzle game. Therefore, you do not need to be a talented artist to play this game. Anyone can approach the puzzles here and conquer them in their own way. As long as you know how to be creative and solve situations, this game is for you. It’s completely free to download to your phone for you to access wherever you are.


Conquer the levels your way

There are hundreds of levels available in this game. There are 3 important objects that appear on every level, including the man suspended by the sliding wheel, the obstacles, and the destination. Your task is to help that man move to the destination safely by sliding wheels. So what do you need to do to complete the task? Draw the appropriate lines on the puzzle screen. You can draw any line such as straight, curved, zig-zag, winding…

However, your lines must meet the following criteria:

  • Bring the man to the finish line.
  • Do not collide with obstacles such as wheel spikes, walls, etc.
  • Do not fall into the hole before reaching the finish line.
  • Draw with the fewest lines to get up to 3 stars in each level.

Everything is pretty easy to understand, isn’t it? But each level is a different context and situation. You have to constantly use your creativity to come up with a solution to each puzzle. Therefore, draw flights drawing puzzle will help you train your reasoning ability.


Unlock new skins and backgrounds

This game knows how to refresh your experience with lots of fresh content. Typically, it is the system of skins and contexts. These skins are only unlocked gradually as you level up. It could be a weightlifting guy, a guy wearing a mask, a girl, a character with a cosplay costume… Besides the new character, the slider wheel in each skin is also different. As a result, you will have new feelings when interacting with characters and sliders in each next level. You can also watch ads to get more gifts.

Besides, the game context will change flexibly through the levels. It can be a prison scene, a beach, a lava land… New contexts will bring new situations and stories. For example, if in a prison, your task is to help the prisoner escape. In addition, a new setting will bring a new perspective. The cool blue sea, hot lava, and many other scenes will provide endless inspiration. The more levels you go through, the more interesting and new the context.

Exercise and improve creativity

As can be seen, the puzzle levels in this game are not difficult. But they are very interesting challenges to test your intelligence and creativity. Each puzzle requires you to reason to find the solution to the problem. At the same time, you may have to try dozens of different solutions before completing the level with the correct answer. Repeated attempts will help you practice patience and concentration. So this game is really useful for every player.


Friendly and funny 3D graphics

This game is designed with a 3D visual style, bringing vivid and realistic images. The main character in each level is an athlete with funny ragdoll mechanics. He has very flexible gestures and actions according to your every stroke. Besides, the experience scene is always bright. The colorful colors are harmoniously combined to help soothe your spirit every time you play.

Overall, draw flights drawing puzzle is a very interesting puzzle game. This game looks easy but is also challenging with tricky puzzles. There are a lot of crazy situations that need you to deal with here. Use your creativity and reasoning ability to find the solution. Remember the goal of each puzzle is to get your character to the finish line safely. How you do it is up to you.

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