The Walking Zombie 2 3.20.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gold, free shopping, anti ban, god mode, onehit APK
The Walking Zombie 2 MOD APK 3.20.0

The Walking Zombie 2 3.20.0 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gold, free shopping, anti ban, god mode, onehit APK

Written by Hai Nam (14 hours ago)
Name The Walking Zombie 2
Requires Android 5.0
PublisherAlda Games
Latest Version3.20.0
MOD Menu, Unlimited money gold, free shopping, anti ban, god mode, onehit
Price FREE

Set in a fantasy setting, revolving around the theme of Zombies controlling the world. Developer Alda Games released the action game The Walking Zombie 2. The game is designed in a survival style. Combines first-person shooter gameplay. Open up a huge world where you will have to find a way to survive. The content of the game is built according to the plot. Your enemies are scary zombies that are invading the world. You are the lucky survivor, who will have to stand up to fight. Kill all the zombies to protect civilization. At the same time will face countless other dangers. Only combat can help you survive in harsh conditions. Use every survival ability you have to survive against the deadly Zombies.

The Walking Zombie 2 – Survival War Before Zombie Invasion!

The story of The Walking Zombie 2 unfolds in a huge world. The cause and origin are unknown. A virus appeared, with the ability to spread rapidly. Turns all living people and animals into Zombies. Very soon, zombies took control of the entire world. Construction works, human civilization has been destroyed. Bring the world closer to the edge of doom. Now, you are the only one who can change the situation. Born with immunity to viruses. But that has made you a target of being hunted by the undead. There is no other choice, will have to fight for life. Also, look for other lucky survivors. Lead them to survive and protect the world together.The Walking Zombie 2

Graphics and sound

Unlike other zombie survival games. The graphics of The Walking Zombie 2 are very impressively designed. Instead of using realistic graphics, recreate the environment in a realistic way. Here, the game is built with 3D sandbox-style graphics. The image quality is carefully polished and sharp. Shapes of Zombie names and NPC characters. Designed with a unique appearance, different from other similar games. This gives every player a completely new experience. Combining the first-person perspective will create a more interesting feeling. Not stopping there, besides the graphics, the sound leaves a deep impression. Every time a gun is used to fire, the sound is reproduced very realistically. At the same time, the sound is changed to suit each of your actions.Game The Walking Zombie 2

Use weapons

The Walking Zombie 2 ‘s survival gameplay is designed in an expanded style. Here, you can move freely to explore everything. Perform survival actions without restrictions. Weapons and equipment can be collected in many locations. Then use them to attack scary zombies. Depending on how you play, you can choose your own fighting style. For example, using a gun to fire continuously, with the advantage of attacking from a long distance. Or use pans and sticks for melee attacks. Can be combined with grenades to create an explosion, dealing damage within a certain range. Along with that, do not forget to collect support items. Experiencing battles for survival, using food and first aid will help you recover health.The Walking Zombie 2

A series of quests from NPC characters

In addition to fighting for survival, a series of tasks need to be performed in The Walking Zombie 2. Meet NPC characters at various locations. Chat with them to get the quest, then start doing it. Or successfully stop the onslaught from Zombies. Keep everyone safe from death. After completing will receive rewards such as experience points and resources. Resume new quests from other NPC character encounters. The difficulty will gradually increase each time you start the next mission. The requirements are not only more difficult to fulfill than before. In the process also have to fight with a large number of Zombies. Their abilities have also improved, surpassing before. Can withstand multiple attacks from you.The Walking Zombie 2

MOD APK feature implemented of The Walking Zombie 2

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money and gold
  • free shopping
  • anti ban, god mode, onehit

Role-play as a character in The Walking Zombie 2. You can develop strength through the types of equipment. Includes hat, shirt, pants, shoes to increase defense. Equip two types of weapons, which can be optionally selected as guns or melee items. At the same time, choose 2 types of grenades to use when needed. Besides, don’t forget to bring food and a first aid box. Fully equipped with items will help the character increase survivability. Can easily kill scary zombies to survive. As well as completing assigned tasks quickly.

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