Stickman Legends 6.0.0 MOD Menu VIP, Money, God Mode, Max level APK
Stickman Legends MOD APK 6.0.0

Stickman Legends 6.0.0 MOD Menu VIP, Money, God Mode, Max level APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Join the fierce battle right here in Stickman Legends 6.0.0, your mission is to destroy the dark army and bring peace to the human world. This version gives you a VIP menu with lots of coins to upgrade and unlock your own heroes. Here you will have to use special skills and intelligence to reach the highest levels. With this version you will be able to play freely without fear of being defeated easily. There are many interesting things waiting for you ahead, let's explore together!
Name Stickman Legends
Requires Android 4.1
PublisherZITGA PTE
Latest Version6.0.0
MOD Menu VIP, Money, God Mode, Max level
Price FREE

Stickman Legends is an attractive and dramatic action game, released by publisher Zitga Pte. To satisfy the needs of gamers amid the epidemic season affecting the world. Let players take on the role of a hero who fights the demons of darkness to bring light to light. The developer that released this game is sought after and participated by a large number of gamers around the world. With familiar gameplay, it is easy to participate in the game along with brutal battles that bring an extremely attractive experience. The game is covered on all operating system platforms with many different versions. Giving gamers freedom of choice, there is also an unlimited version. The version has all the characters unlocked and has full money and gold for the player.

Stickman Legends – Fight Against the Dark Army to Protect Peace

The gameplay story is a thrilling and engaging story. In a world that is peaceful and peaceful all over the world, suddenly one day it is overcast, and dark clouds cover the sky of this world. In addition, an army of darkness came to occupy the human residence, causing chaos to happen again, everyone was terrified of zombies and the army of darkness. Those scenes, even in my dreams, I would not dare to imagine are a nightmare for humanity. You join the game and participate in the fight to regain peace for humanity. You will be transformed into a hero, a brave warrior with equipment and a strong will to fight the darkness to regain the sky.


Mode for players

Stickman Legends is equipped with five different game modes such as Normal, Hard, Hell, Extreme, and Nightmare. With each other mode, the difficulty of the game increases, creating more excitement for players. Easy mode allows you to quickly pass this level, the character’s abilities are still weak, and zombies and darkness are still weak. But when you reach a high level, it’s completely different, with extremely strong zombies along with the character’s ability to fight. All modes bring different experiences, each mode is good and attractive.

Graphics and Interface

With a game that attracts so many people, its graphics must also be very beautiful and sparkling. Equipped with 3D graphics with everything sharp. The main setting of the game is darkness, creating a mysterious scene for players. For the character, the moves are extremely beautiful under the black background of the dark night and the overcast sky, creating beautiful colors that attract the player more. 3D quality helps characters jump without jerks or errors combined with a simple interface but still highly sophisticated and beautiful without being misleading like other games. All are easy to use for beginners.

Stickman-Legends mod apk

State-of-the-art Weapons and Equipment

Weapons are indispensable equipment in exciting matches. The weapons carried in each battle are the most advanced weapons such as swords, swords, laser guns… In addition, the heroes you control must also have more strength, combined with weapons to create a powerful force. Unparalleled strength for the character. When you win or pass a level, you will receive more experience for your character to upgrade your character. The higher the level, the more your character can learn the best and most powerful skills in the solar system.

game Stickman-Legends mod

Attractive gameplay

Stickman Legends is a game formed from the role-playing genre mixed with thrilling action scenes. Bringing more engaging experiences to people than ever before. For other games, we play 1 vs 1 solo, but for Stickman Legends, it’s completely different. We have to fight one-on-one with many enemies, so fighting situations happen very quickly and excitingly. That’s why the game doesn’t let you rest, constantly creating battles and challenges for players. You can’t do anything other than fight to the best of your ability. Use everything you’ve learned and equip your character.

Stickman-Legends mod android

Implemented MOD APK feature of Stickman Legends

  • MOD Menu
  • Full Lots of Money
  • Max Full Level
  • Not Knocked Down
  • Shopping 0VND
  • Full Characters

Being an action game, the game character is compact and agile in dodging enemy moves. Each character has different characteristics and different skills. Every character has different fighting styles, so you should experience all the characters to have different opinions about the character. Powerful characters such as magicians, archers, assassins, fighters, Powerful Mage, Elite Archer Hunter, and Dark-Hunter Legend,… Because of the diversity of characters, we must practice regularly to help us have great skills. What are you waiting for? Play the game now. Go save the world from the fear of invasion by evil armies and zombies.

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