Real Steel Boxing Champions 66.66.116 MOD Lots of Money APK
Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD APK 66.66.116

Real Steel Boxing Champions 66.66.116 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 days ago)
Name Real Steel Boxing Champions
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
Size 94MB
Latest Version 66.66.116
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Inspired by the sport of boxing. Developer Reliance Big Entertainment provides players with the Real Steel Boxing Champions game. This is an action game. Open boxing matches between steel warriors. They are all robots possessing outstanding strength. Here, your task is to build a fighting machine of your own. Participate in 1vs1 matches on the platform. Compete with other Destructive Robots to find the winner. A lot of dramatic and exciting tournaments take place in many game modes. Through that will have the opportunity to compete with thousands of different Robots. Enjoy the excitement with the intense game tempo. Enjoy realistic 3D graphics, ultimate combat effects.

Real Steel Boxing Champions – Battle Between Robot Warriors To Find The Strongest Fist!

Based on the 1vs1 competitive gameplay of Real Steel Boxing Champions. The matches between two robot robots take place in real-time. Two Robots will use the skills typical of boxing. For example, punch straight, hook punch to attack, and defend to block. The battle lasts until one of the two steel warriors is defeated. The remaining robot will win. Rewards received after the match ends include silver and gold star badges. Based on match completion time. As well as achievement parameters such as combos generated, attack and defense rates. Win with the best possible score. From there will get a large number of star badges. It is possible to use them to develop the strength of the Robot warrior.Real Steel Boxing Champions

Fighting skills

The match of Real Steel Boxing Champions took place extremely dramatically and fiercely. To win against the opponent. Skill is the main factor that directly determines the outcome of the match. Requires you to combine many different elements. Observe your opponent’s movements and movements. Quick reflexes to dodge, limit being hit. Combine and use skills flexibly. Attack accurately to cause the opponent to reduce a large amount of health. At the same time, defend every time you are attacked. Along with that, each accurate attack will restore mana. From there can use special skills to create continuous combos. With powerful punches and powerful leg kicks. Causes the opponent to take large amounts of damage. Help you quickly defeat your opponent to win.Real Steel Boxing Champions

Difficulty, boss face

Follow each match taking place in Real Steel Boxing Champions. The difficulty will gradually increase each time you start a new match. Meet the Robot warrior with superior strength. Stronger attack and defense. Not stopping there, sometimes even facing bosses. It was a giant robot, more powerful than the previous robots. From the ability to fight to the amount of health possessed. Can make you run out of health quickly with just a few precise punches. As well as the damage done to the boss is negligible. Make it very difficult for you to win. To defeat the boss, in addition to a flexible combination of skills. Still have to upgrade the combat parts. Help Robot increase attack power and defense ability.Introduce about Real Steel Boxing Champions

Game es

Coming to Real Steel Boxing Champions, you will never be bored. Because the matches are held in many different game modes. Tournament mode opens up competitions according to each level. Reaching a certain level will confront the boss. Time Attack mode opens 120 dramatic battles. You have to race against time, aiming to beat your opponent before time runs out. Moreover, when participating in the online mode. There will be a chance to compete against other online players. Join them on the stage in a 1vs1 match to find the winner. Or compete in team mode. Compete against the opposing team, win to achieve noble titles.Game Real Steel Boxing Champions

Real Steel Boxing Champions owns 5 Robot warriors. Includes Atom, Noisy Boy, Zeus, Midas, and new fighter Prime Prime. Each warrior is designed with an impressive appearance. Strength is shown through indicators. Includes armor, damage, and attack. In parallel, more than 1500 parts are provided by the system. Divided into 4 main parts, including head, body, arms, and legs. Each part when equipped will help the robot warrior increase strength. You can then customize the color of each warrior. Change the color on each part according to your own style. Help the Robot to be different and stand out. However, to own the equipment and customize the paint color. You need to use gold and silver star badges to buy.

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