Cyber Fighters 1.11.124 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gems, unlocked all characters, max level APK
Cyber Fighters MOD APK 1.11.124

Cyber Fighters 1.11.124 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gems, unlocked all characters, max level APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 day ago)
Name Cyber Fighters
Requires Android 5.0+
Latest Version1.11.124
MOD Menu, Unlimited money gems, unlocked all characters, max level
Price FREE

Cyber ​​Fighters opens up the future prospect of the world in the year 2077. Technology has developed rapidly, robots are gradually replacing humans. But it is this that has led to side effects, causing bad effects on the world. Machines and robots do not listen to human control anymore. They can attack, destroy you at any time. The player’s task when coming here is to control all machines and robots. Do not let them freely move, destroy, harm people anymore. At the beginning of the war, you will move, use weapons to attack, defeat the enemy. Choose a character you like, create a warrior model to save the world. The force of robots is much stronger than humans. They have special features, can even fly in the sky, dodging your attacks.

Cyber ​​Fighters – Fight to destroy technology machines!

If confronted directly, it is very difficult to defeat the enemy. Because of their large size, the ability to move much faster than the warriors. Moreover, it is also protected by a layer of iron armor that makes the defense much higher. However, they still have a weakness because machines are powered by energy. On the robot, there will be an energy system so that the parts can work. Try to find that system and attack, destroy, they will be knocked down in an instant. Note: Each enemy will have its own energy storage. It can be on the chest, on the back or on the side. Before starting each match, find out the information of the opponent you will have to face. In each level, the enemy is many and the warrior has only one friend. Calculate your strategy carefully to win more easily.

Cyber ​​Fighters mod apk

Warrior System

Accompanying you on this journey are heroic warriors with extremely special powers. The character you can choose is also a machine, a robot. However, they are designed to be very sophisticated, modern and you are completely in control. Each warrior has its own special attack ability. For example Machine tiger has huge damage mallet, machine demon uses the sword to cut enemies, etc… You have more than 50 choices to find the warrior you like. Coins are required to be able to own a new warrior.

Game Cyber ​​Fighters mod

Interesting facts

While experiencing and playing the game for a long time, the system will have extremely attractive events for players to participate in. Holidays, New Year’s, game birthdays, etc… Cyber ​​Fighters mod has many attractive gifts for players. The time only takes place for a few days, please leave the information of that event to complete the task on time. The rewards and activities you need to do are all displayed in the folder. Read carefully the information the system requires to perform and quickly complete.

Game Cyber ​​Fighters mod hack

Exciting game mode

The game mode in Cyber ​​Fighters is designed according to the game’s plot. The game screen is spread evenly according to each mode for you to explore freely. 2 main modes for you to choose from are against the machine and play online. When you want to practice, improve your skills, or simply want to play games for more entertainment and relaxation. The screen playing with the machine will bring you great entertainment moments. If you want to challenge yourself, raise the difficulty a little bit, then join the online mode right away. Go head-to-head with online players from many different countries. The battle will be much more dramatic and fiery.

Graphics and sound

Cyber ​​Fighters is meticulously designed, detailed in graphics and sound of the game. You will see a lot of new and unique things that are not found in any other game. Because this is a fantasy world in the future. Everything is very different, fancy, showing the creativity of the game publisher. If you have ever played RPG games, you will feel this very clearly. Characters, robots are designed in detail, with high perfection. Make players feel like they are in a real new world. The sound of killing, the sound of metal hitting each other is extremely realistic, attracting players. To feel the sound of the game better, please wear headphones when playing.

Cyber ​​Fighters mod apk

MOD APK feature implemented of Cyber ​​Fighters

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited gems
  • unlocked all characters
  • max level

The graphics of Cyber ​​Fighters have been optimized in 2D, but the details and image quality are still very good. Doesn’t affect the player’s experience much. Such optimized graphics help us to experience the game smoothly, without lag and delay. Gameplay is released on Google Play and App Store completely free. Cyber ​​Fighters super classic fighting battle on mobile. In addition, you can also see many other games at Modradar with thousands of featured games.

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