Tiny Archers MOD Lots of Money APK
Tiny Archers MOD APK

Tiny Archers MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (17 hours ago)
Name Tiny Archers
Requires Android 4.1+
Publisher 1DER Entertainment
Size 105MB
Latest Version
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

When joining Tiny Archers, you are assigned the important mission of protecting the kingdom. Monsters are plotting to invade your castle. They continuously pulled troops to attack, the number increased constantly. Use magic bows to aim accurately, especially shoot at the head of the monster. The head is their biggest weakness, only 1 arrow can destroy it. Every day there will be challenges, goals set for you. The fierce battle between the great warriors and the army of monsters. Players will not confront the enemy directly. Which will stand on the tops of the towers, waiting for the goblins to come and shoot them down with bows and arrows. As long as they set foot on your territory, there is no need to think or wait for anything. Immediately for the army to aim accurately, attack consecutively causing the enemy to retreat.

Introduce about Tiny Archers – Destroy all the evil goblins!

The game mode in Tiny Archers has a plot revolving around the main characters. It was Ben, Lilly, Adam, and Narin. This special has shown us how the publisher creates something new, especially to attract players. In each mode, you will role-play each character and participate in combat. The main task of the player when participating in this gameplay is to destroy all the monsters. Do not let them have the opportunity to approach, destroy this tower. When monsters die, they will turn into flowers, growing right at the foot of the castle. That is no ordinary flower. It is the spirit of the elves, they will develop and grow over time. If you let the goblins grow to the chimpanzee stage, they will attack the tower. If you don’t want this to happen, destroy them all. Use Hot-Tar to defeat them easier.

Tiny Archers mod apk


In the first part I mentioned that the combat weapon you can use in Tiny Archers is the bow and arrow. The special thing in this gameplay is that the weapon is not sold in the store. To get a bow and arrow you have to find a blacksmith who has many years of experience in making weapons. In order for the craftsman to do this, you need to unlock the crafting recipe and bring the sample to him to forge. There are some types with great attack power such as Bow of Master, Hunting, and Composite all make all enemies fear before the damage inflicted is enormous. Even if they had defensive shields, they wouldn’t be able to block it.

game Tiny Archers mod

Style play

After finishing a series of days with Adam. Complete the assigned system missions, make sure the kingdom is safe. The system will open up new game modes for you to continue the conquest journey. The difficulty is gradually increased with each level of play. The pitfalls, the enemies are increasing day by day. You need to upgrade your weapons to a higher level, ensure the strength to destroy them all. Combined with excellent archery skills, top-notch, you will definitely grasp the victory in your hand.


The monsters have a rather scary appearance, with an alien-like design. They have very long ears and noses, hold weapons in their hands and rush to attack the tower. What all goblins have in common is that their bodies are all blue. Whether the animals are large or small, you can easily see that the main color of their body is very similar. This makes it more difficult for players to identify the weakest enemy to defeat first. A good tip for you is that a monster with a large appearance, large size, toned body, and strong muscles will have great strength.

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Fun graphics

The main color of Tiny Archers is green. The lawns, characters, elves, trees, etc… Everything has the same tone. Only your kingdoms are light blue. Along with a very prominent yellow bow and arrow. Each shot of the enemy will appear with extremely beautiful visual effects. Make players feel fascinated, more attractive. In general, the gameplay has relatively good graphics. The details in the game are designed meticulously and beautifully. If you play the game for a long time, be careful because it is very addictive.

Tiny Archers mod apk

Tiny Archers is an action game, but we see a bit of strategic gameplay mixed in. You will not need to find monsters, go to their lair, and destroy them all. Just stay still in the kingdom, automatically the legions of monsters will come for you to fight. They have many paths, pay close attention to which direction the enemy appears. Aim accurately, defeat monsters in 1 note. Introduce about Tiny Archers to use magic bows, shoot down all enemies.

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