Zombie Warrior: Survivors 2.0.8 MOD Instant Kill APK
Zombie Warrior: Survivors MOD APK 2.0.8

Zombie Warrior: Survivors 2.0.8 MOD Instant Kill APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Zombie Warrior: Survivors
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher BiPub
Size 88MB
Latest Version 2.0.8
MOD Instant Kill
Category Action
Price FREE

Built content based on the action game genre, combining shooting. Game Zombie Warrior: Survivors opens the story in the apocalyptic world. Set in a large city that has been invaded by zombies. You are one of the lucky survivors of the disaster. In order to continue to exist, there would be no choice but to fight. At the same time have to perform the task of rescuing people who are in danger in battle. From there will recruit more teammates to increase the number of people. Fight together against hordes of scary zombies and wipe them out on the streets of the city. Complete survival missions to win and get rewards. Here it is possible to join for free, through the offline mode of the game.

Download Zombie Warrior: Survivors MOD APK – Lead Units to Fight Against Zombies to Survive

In the battle for survival against fierce attacks from zombies. You will adopt the joystick virtual control mechanism. With just one finger to touch and rotate, from there navigate and move. Even more interesting when being able to control the entire operation of the units in the group. This will help focus combat more with a simple touch. Besides, the units are all equipped with guns, but use many types and attack in their own way. In particular, their gun system will automatically fire to target the nearest targets.Zombie Warrior- Survivors

Summoning rights and types of support

Based on the gameplay that takes place during anti-zombie shooting. You have the right to summon a limited number of people to join the match. Thereby increasing the ability of groups to be able to attack more superior. Not stopping there, you can also use support weapons when needed. But the quantity is also limited, so don’t waste it. Accordingly, bombs can be used to create a large explosion when surrounded by a crowd of zombies. This will cause extensive damage to cause all enemies in the explosion range to die. Here, the right to summon units and use bombs is shown through two typical icons. They show up in the two corners of the device’s screen.

Experience fierce battles with zombies in the city. In addition to bombs, missiles can also be used to attack in a straight line. Or activate the ability to increase movement speed faster than normal. Thereby increasing the survival rate in situations surrounded by enemies.Game Zombie Warrior- Survivors

The gameplay takes place in real-time

The gameplay of Zombie Warrior: Survivors takes place in real-time. Each battle for survival will rely on your ability to lead a group of survivors. Follow that to perform the task in each level of play. The progress bar can be tracked to see the remaining challenges ahead to face. Each level opens a fierce battle on the city roads. A large number of zombies are divided into waves and attack from many sides. Accordingly, it is necessary to destroy all waves of zombies in order to win. From there will complete the mission and continue to the next survival mission.Tai Zombie Warrior- Survivors

Recruit members and collect coins

During the battle can recruit more people to your party. Through moving and searching for people who are in danger. Interact with them to get support, thereby increasing the number of members. Help your team attack more effectively to be able to complete missions in difficult levels. Besides, don’t forget to collect the gold coins. They fall scattered in many different areas, and after killing, zombies will randomly drop.

Many units use different weapons

There are many different units for you to recruit. They are all people who have been lucky to survive, escape from the human disaster. Examples include police, criminals, counter-terrorism units, doctors and many more. Each unit is shaped in its own distinctive style. Shown in the clothes they wear. Simultaneously use many different weapons to attack. Those are guns like snipers, shotguns, rifles, machine guns and more. The difference between them is also reflected in the stats including attack and health.Download Zombie Warrior- Survivors

The difficulty of Zombie Warrior: Survivors will increase every time it comes to the next fight. With many changes in the process of fighting zombies. From the larger number of zombies attacking than before, to the environment that opens up in another area. At the same time, their bloodlust became more intense. Abilities have also been improved, as shown in health, movement speed, and stamina. There is even an appearance of a zombie boss at some stages. With its huge size and the stats are all superior. Causes your team to face many difficulties, and even lose their lives if it cannot be stopped.

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