Zombie Terror 3D 1.9.5 MOD Lots of Money, Diamonds, Unlocked All APK
Zombie Terror 3D MOD APK 1.9.5

Zombie Terror 3D 1.9.5 MOD Lots of Money, Diamonds, Unlocked All APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Zombie Terror 3D
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher T-Bull
Size 51MB
Latest Version 1.9.5
MOD Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Unlocked All
Category Action
Price FREE

Standing before the apocalypse, what will you do to be able to survive? Show your shooting skills in Zombie Terror 3D game. Accordingly, carry out the shooting mission to destroy the scary zombies. Aim to survive and successfully shoot down all enemies in skirmishes. From there complete the challenge and overcome the difficult challenges. Also, receive valuable bonuses to use to enhance their abilities. This is a game that is built with content in a fantasy world of the apocalypse. You will transform into a special soldier to use assault guns. Carry on your shoulders the mission to prevent the extinction of all humanity. Through that will have to perform different tasks that take place each day.

Download Zombie Terror 3D MOD APK – Fighting Zombies in a Shooting Game

The setting unfolds in the United States in an apocalyptic fantasy world. The cause of this disaster originated in a laboratory. After scientists conducted a test for a special virus. But unfortunately, they were leaked out and became a disaster for humanity. The experimental virus is a variant that turns humans into zombies. A thirst for blood has attacked locations in the city. Now all construction and human civilization have almost collapsed. Because the outbreak of zombies became more and more intense, making the authorities unable to control them.Download Zombie Terror 3D MOD

The gameplay takes place

Become a special unit of the anti-zombie organization. You are considered humanity’s last line of defense to stop the wave of zombies from attacking. Without support from teammates, can only fight on their own. Accordingly, the equipped gun and support equipment will be used to attack the enemy. Perform different missions that take place at each level. With the specific challenges given by the system that need to be achieved in order to be successfully completed. At the same time destroy all zombies coming to be able to survive and protect yourself. Win to prove your skills and continue the journey to fulfill the assigned mission. Facing new challenges is more difficult than before.Ear Zombie Terror 3D MOD

Various missions

Based on the plot of the game Zombie Terror 3D at LMHAPKSS to perform daily tasks. With a series of different challenges presented during implementation. For example, real-time combat, and survival within the specified countdown period. Or successfully kill the zombies with a specific number. Moreover, it is necessary to rescue the hostages under attack. There are many other missions that will be opened each time the next challenge comes. Besides, the difficulty will increase with many changing factors. Shown through waves of attacks from zombies more intense than before. As well as completion conditions with increased difficulty. Makes you have a lot of trouble and even receive defeat if you can’t fight the enemy.Game Zombie Terror 3D MOD

Achievements and rewards

Achievements in each combat mission are represented by the number of stars. Accordingly, you can successfully complete the task with a maximum of 3 stars. Based on the remaining health and the results achieved during the battle will correspond to the number of stars. After the end of the battle, based on the achievements achieved will receive the corresponding reward. Shown by the number of enemies killed, the number of headshots, and the number of dash shots. From there will receive money and experience points.

Diverse gun system

The game offers many different gun models for combat use. They are divided into categories such as shotguns, long guns, and heavy guns. Each has a variety of choices with its own unique abilities. Used powerful attacks to deal damage to enemies. For example, handguns have the advantage in close combat situations. Or rifles with mobility will quickly deploy to attack multiple enemies at the same time. Besides, the ability of each gun is also evaluated in detail through the indicators. Includes damage, rate of fire, reload time, and ammo count. Moreover, it is possible to upgrade the gun’s level to improve the stats.Zombie Terror 3D MOD

MOD APK Feature of Zombie Terror 3D

  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlocked All

The battles in Zombie Terror 3D are held in many different locations. For example in the winter town, in the train tunnel, in the city and many more. In each location, the context is simulated in its own style. Expressed through surroundings and terrain. Along with that is the appearance of many different zombies. Depending on the location, there are different types of zombies. Moreover, you have to fight zombie bosses of large size. Has a fighting ability that surpasses that of ordinary zombies.

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