Zombie Hill Racing 2.3.2 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gold diamond APK
Zombie Hill Racing: Earn Climb MOD APK 2.3.2

Zombie Hill Racing 2.3.2 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money gold diamond APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Zombie Hill Racing: Earn Climb
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher INLOGIC ARCADE - zombie racing shooter
Size 126MB
Latest Version 2.3.2
MOD Menu, Unlimited money gold diamond
Category Racing
Price FREE

Zombie Hill Racing is built based on a racing theme. A mix of zombie apocalypse fighting content. Belongs to the genre of entertaining obstacle course games. Simulated mission system according to an attractive storyline. Play as a racer to customize and upgrade your car. Then participate in extremely dramatic races. The mission is to overcome the scary zombies to reach the finish line. The game is built with many unique features. Promises to bring extremely interesting races. A diverse vehicle system is unlocked according to each level. Attractive rewards after completing each challenge. Many diverse environments to explore, with complex terrain. Incorporating realistic graphics, reproduced in high quality. Along with the appearance of many different types of zombies.

Download Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK – Drive Monster Cars To Overcome Scary Zombies

The setting of the game Zombie Hill Racing opens in a post-apocalyptic world. When human civilization is destroyed. Along with the outbreak of the pandemic, they became zombies. You are one of the lucky survivors. But on the roads, every corner has the appearance of zombies. If they are discovered, they will be attacked and lose their lives. To survive in such a harsh world. Will have to use a monster car equipped with a defense system. Overcome difficult terrain in a variety of environments. At the same time resist fierce attacks. Quickly reach the finish line to escape the pursuit of the enemy. Complete missions to prove your racing skills.Download Zombie Hill Racing

Many types of vehicles, equipment

Zombie Hill Racing game provides a diverse vehicle system. They are all uniquely designed cars. Depicts exterior styling in a classic and old form, worn out over time. Each type of vehicle possesses different performance capabilities. Shown through speed, and engine power to overcome terrain. In particular, they can be upgraded to improve their abilities. Also equipped with many items to attack and defend effectively. Weapons included, which are modern guns. Used to fire bullets when encountering zombies on the road. Or the sharp saw blade mounted on the bonnet, high-performance tires for stable movement through all terrain. There are many other types of equipment that will be unlocked after completing the missions. They will cause zombies to lose their lives when touched.Zombie Hill Racing

Level-based quests, increasing challenge

Build the mission system according to the plot of Zombie Hill Racing. With a variety of different levels of play for you to participate in. Each level opens up an off-road race against terrifying zombies. Control the monster car to move forward. Steady control to conquer any challenge. After reaching the finish line will complete the task of a level. Continue to participate in the race to face new challenges. The difficulty will be changed, increasing with the difficulty before. The distance to travel will be longer. The terrain and environment are also changed. The number of zombies in the way will be larger than before. Besides, after finishing a race, you will receive the corresponding bonus. As shown by the number of zombies killed, the maximum speed achieved.Ear Zombie Hill Racing

Fuel, vehicle control

The process of racing at Zombie Hill Racing. Fuel is one of the very important factors. To complete a level play, continue the new mission. You need to pay attention to the amount of fuel consumed by monster cars. Based on the distance traveled, the fuel in the tank will decrease gradually. It will even run out before reaching the finish line. That means you will be attacked by zombies and lose your life. Completing a challenge will sometimes require you to do multiple races. Use the accumulated money to upgrade the vehicle’s fuel tank. From there, you will be able to travel longer distances. Besides, try to improve control skills. Because the terrain is steep and bumpy, the vehicle will lose balance. Apply flexible skills to control, helping the vehicle to operate stably.Game Zombie Hill Racing

MOD APK Fetaure of Zombie Hill Racing

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited diamond

Complete each race in Zombie Hill Racing in turn. You will discover many new environments. Examples are the ruined city, the oil industry, and the arid desert. There are many other environments to explore. Each location is designed with terrain in its own style. Along with the complexity and danger will make you encounter a lot of difficulties. Furthermore, complete each level by playing in the locations. From there will have the opportunity to unlock much new equipment. As well as will have to fight different types of zombies.

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