Zombie Haters 8.1.2 MOD Free shopping APK
Zombie Haters MOD APK 8.1.2

Zombie Haters 8.1.2 MOD Free shopping APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Zombie Haters
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Dotjoy
Size 85MB
Latest Version 8.1.2
MOD Free shopping
Category Action
Price FREE

Zombie Haters is a fast-paced shooting game set in a post-apocalyptic setting. You will participate in a fascinating battle with a series of zombies in the city. So try to collect as many survivors as you can to get stronger and master the battlefield. The mechanism of the game is “hit and run”, which means you just need to move the group of heroes and let them automatically attack enemies within the allowed range. You have to upgrade your team to be ready to face increasingly powerful enemies, especially bosses. Besides, do not miss the great support items on the battlefield. Endless wars that will challenge your progress over time.

Zombie Haters – Zombie shooting action gameplay!

In the post-apocalyptic setting, zombies swarm all over the big cities and search for the rest. You are one of the heroes who survived and have a mission to restore human civilization. So you enter the endless war against zombies and other survivors. The plot of the game is just that, simple but attractive enough to attract you right into the battlefield. Its control mechanism is equally simple and the design style is also minimalist. But you will find here unforgettable fast-paced fights. You can also compete with your friends online besides the normal game screen. Don’t miss the chance to test out cool action strategies on every battlefield here.


Join the endless war

Just click “Play” to start a fight. On the battlefield, your task is to destroy the zombies that are always trying to find you because of blood hunger. You need to fight them with the gun in hand, and at the same time attract other allies to join the group to improve their strength. You just need to touch the joystick in the middle of the screen to control your team. They will automatically attack the nearest target within range dealing damage. Your job is to choose the direction to shoot and the direction to move. Don’t let the zombies get too close if you don’t want to lose HP. Also, don’t miss any upgrade items you can find on the map. They will help your team in increasing strength or defense.

Other survivors will be found scattered across the map. During the move, you just need to touch them to collect, thereby creating an increasingly large group of warriors. However, to gain an advantage, you need to start with a large group of people instead of alone. The game allows you to unlock warriors from the moment you enter the battlefield. But you need to spend money to own them. Besides, there is no time limit for each of your fights. Your job is to survive as long as possible to record on the world rankings. Also, don’t miss the gold coins from the zombies. And explore beautiful settings as you adventure across the map.


Unlock and upgrade your team

Zombie Haters gives you many warriors to unlock and accompany the large-scale zombie war. In the post-apocalyptic context, everyone wants to be a hero or is forced to fight for their life and humanity. It’s nurses, doctors, gangsters, bankers, military, police, or even ordinary ones. The more expensive the units are, the more powerful they are. But you should consider unlocking the right units and combining them together. They can use shotguns, laser guns, sniper rifles, rifles, and more. So, a good squad will include many components with many different skills.

Besides, the upgrade is very important to bring you further in the long battle. You just need to click upgrade and use gold coins to spend on it. Upgrading helps you improve warrior units, thereby upgrading the strength of the whole team. But in the fight with the Boss, you will need more than that. You need support from useful items such as shield bubbles, boosters, bombs, hot air balloons… Also, use special weapon cards to have a strong impact on the battlefield.


Fun block design

Everything is visually displayed on the screen from a top-down perspective. You can see the images of zombies and the last survivors trying to survive on the huge open battlefield. All are designed in block form, creating a friendly and fun feeling. The movements are very smooth, the combat effects are eye-catching. The sound from gunfire and background music is also quite lively, helping to stimulate your fighting spirit.

Overall, Zombie Haters is an attractive and addictive zombie shooter. If you’re looking for a simple and fun shooter, it’s definitely for you. Introduce about the game to your phone and start a zombie war right away. Show your strategy to draw crowds and survive as long as you can on the battlefield in a post-apocalyptic setting.

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