Zombie Frontier 4 1.8.2 MOD Menu Mod, 1Hit, God Mode APK
Zombie Frontier 4 MOD APK 1.8.2

Zombie Frontier 4 1.8.2 MOD Menu Mod, 1Hit, God Mode APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Zombie Frontier 4
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher FT Games
Size 317MB
Latest Version 1.8.2
MOD Menu Mod, One Hit, God Mode
Category Action
Price FREE

Zombie Frontier 4 is the 4th part in the zombie shooting game series of the publisher FT Games. Following the content of previous versions, many new features have been added here. The combat mission system takes place more dramatically than before. Up to the types of weapons used to attack diverse enemies. Moreover, the graphics system is designed based on a 3D platform. With sharp and realistic image quality, recreating a fantasy world of the apocalypse. Accordingly, you will play the role of a gunman to perform the task in the first-person perspective. Aim to shoot down all the undead across the locations. Wipe out all enemies to be able to survive, thereby completing the assigned task.

Introduce about Zombie Frontier 4 – Survival Shooting To Kill Scary Zombies!

The battles will take place in the context of a post-apocalyptic world. With the arrival of hordes of zombies invade the whole city. It is easy to find them everywhere, leaving you in danger all the time. May face death at any time. To be able to survive there would be no choice but to attack. Under the first-person perspective to use equipped weapons. Aim to shoot down all enemies to survive. Win and receive bonuses, thereby using self-development. Enhance your combat ability to prepare for the bigger challenges that lie ahead.Zombie Frontier 4

Fight various zombies

Fighting in a post-apocalyptic world, you will face many different types of zombies. They are living people who have been infected with the virus in the past. Since then, they have turned into mobile zombies and are always hungry for blood. Will attack when sensing life, making you the target of many zombies when appearing. There are doctors zombies, people, fat zombies, skinny zombies, and many more. There are also mutant zombies like Roadblockers, Lickers, and Chargers. Much more will be discovered when participating in the battles. Each type of zombie will have its own special ability. For example, a tentacle zombie after being shot down can stand up again.Game Zombie Frontier 4

Missions by campaign

Based on the plot of the apocalypse in the game Zombie Frontier 4. The mission system opens according to each campaign. Each campaign features a dramatic survival shooting match. In front of a large number of zombies approaching. You will have to use the equipped gun to shoot bullets, in order to destroy the enemy. Only by wiping them out can victory be won. From there, complete the task and receive valuable rewards. Based on achievements in participating campaigns. Shown by the number of enemies shot down, the number of headshots and combos generated. From there will receive the corresponding bonus accumulate.Ear Zombie Frontier 4

The difficulty of the quest will increase

Continue the quest to come to the new campaign, and the challenge from zombies will increase. Accordingly, there will be many changing factors to challenge your skills. Compared to before, there will be many new types of zombies appearing. The number that needs to be destroyed is also larger. At the same time, the enemy’s ability is also improved. Not only do they move with great speed, but their endurance is also outstanding. Will even attack more violently when approaching, putting your life in danger. Not stopping there, when it comes to some special campaigns, they also have to face zombie bosses. The ability to surpass ordinary zombies and the way to fight are also different.

Explore battle locations

Complete each anti-zombie mission in turn through each campaign. Then there will be the opportunity to explore many other locations in the post-apocalyptic world. From destroyed buildings in the city to the streets in the center. Or hospitals, prisons, factories, islands, and garages. Moreover, it has to fight in harsh environmental conditions. For example in dark tunnels, desert areas, and cold snowy areas. Each location will be loaded with a different landscape. Simultaneously simulates the ruins of a doomsday fantasy world.Introduce about Zombie Frontier 4

MOD APK feature implemented of Zombie Frontier 4

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited gold
  • free shopping

Zombie Frontier 4 owns a diverse collection of guns. Includes many different types inspired by real guns. They are divided into forms such as machine guns, sniper rifles, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns. Each type of gun will have many choices for you to use to attack zombies. Their capabilities are evaluated in detail through parameters. Includes damage, reload time, stability, range, launch, and magazine size. To own guns with superior attack power will have to unlock them. After that, you can use the money earned to upgrade and strengthen the stats.

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