Zombie Forest HD: Survival 1.46 MOD HIGH LEVEL HERO UPGRADE APK
Zombie Forest HD: Survival MOD APK 1.46

Zombie Forest HD: Survival 1.46 MOD HIGH LEVEL HERO UPGRADE APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Zombie Forest HD: Survival
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Alexander Tavintsev
Size 64MB
Latest Version 1.46
Category Casual
Price FREE

Zombie Forest HD: Survival is a doomsday survival game. Based on a plot that unfolds from a post-apocalyptic perspective. The catastrophe of the destruction of all humanity is the beginning of the invasion of zombies. Only a few people are lucky to survive, but they are not safe yet. Because they all become the prey that zombies are craving. The installed obstacles could not completely stop them from advancing. The best choice is to fight to destroy the enemy. From there, protect the shelter to repel the approaching scary undead. Rely on defensive gameplay to recruit other survivors. You will have to create a strong line of defense in the shelter itself. The goal is to wipe out all zombies to protect yourself.

Download Zombie Forest HD: Survival MOD APK – Defensive Game Against Zombies

Follow the story of the game to go on a mission against zombies in offline mode. Accordingly unfolds day by day, every day is a defensive battle. Background at a house built on a tree. This is a shelter that needs to be protected. Every day there will be a large number of zombies coming to take the lives of those in the shelter. Your mission is to command them to attack to stop the attack. Through the use of guns equipped to fire bullets. After killing all enemies will complete the mission in one day. At the same time, receive attractive rewards with many different types of resources.Zombie Forest HD Survival

Difficulty increases the next day

After the end of the battle that takes place in one day will come the next quest. The difficulty will increase as you fight the zombie hordes of the new day. With many changes to challenge skills only cancel to stop the enemy’s attack. Not only have their numbers increased more than before. But there are also many more scary zombies. Make the attack more intense with bloodlust from zombies. Even at some stages have to face zombie bosses. This could be the biggest challenge, endangering survivors’ shelters. Because under the command of the zombie, the boss will make the enemy more terrifying than ever.Game Zombie Forest HD Survival

More than 50 types of zombies

Pass zombie-proof days at Zombie Forest HD: Survival. Will face more than 50 different types of zombies. The difference between them is shown in the shape, which has a scary appearance. They are the people who lived before and after they died and became unconscious corpses. Examples include police zombies, citizens, doctors, farmers, and many more. Their abilities are demonstrated through their stamina and movement speed. In particular, they do not appear alone, instead will attack in a crowd in large numbers. In the following days, the zombie’s endurance will become more outstanding. Makes you hard to destroy in a short time.Ear Zombie Forest HD Survival

There are 13 types of guns

To be able to stop the crowd of zombies from growing more and more. It is necessary to recruit other survivors to the shelter. At the same time equip them with various guns to attack more superior. There are 13 types of guns provided by the game. Includes pistols, submachine guns, sniper rifles, rifles, and more. Each gun is designed in its own way. The difference between them is shown in the style of attack. From the number of bullets in the ice, the damage dealt, the rate of fire, and the range. Depending on your tactics equip everyone with the right guns. From there will be diverse attacks to fight dangerous enemies.

Online mode

Come to online mode to be able to accompany other players. Stay here instead of defending at a treehouse. You can add more equipment to everyone to build a stronger base. Freedom to move inside and outside of the shelter. As well as upgrading the defense system with equipment such as fences, generators, and barbed wire. Moreover, it is possible to collect equipment to assemble the car. Then drive the vehicle to the city center. Overcome the difficult terrain ahead and especially destroy the zombies in the way.Download Zombie Forest HD Survival

At Zombie Forest HD: Survival there are many different types of resources. Includes ammunition, food, water, wood, silver, stones, and a first aid box. They are searched and collected after the wars against zombies. When you win the missions, you will receive the corresponding amount of resources. Accordingly, it can be used to perform many different activities. Unlock weapons, upgrade stats, and recruit survivors. Or build a base, and unlock traps to fight zombies.

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