Zombie Derby 2 1.0.18 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Coins, Fuel, Nitro APK
Zombie Derby 2 MOD APK 1.0.18

Zombie Derby 2 1.0.18 MOD Menu VIP, Unlimited Coins, Fuel, Nitro APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name Zombie Derby 2
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Brinemedia
Size 56MB
Latest Version 1.0.18
MOD Menu, Unlimited Coins, Fuel, Nitro
Category Racing
Price FREE

Zombie Derby 2 is a thrilling zombie shooting racing game that should not be missed. It will take you on rough terrain tracks full of obstacles and your job is to overcome them all to survive. Besides, your main task is to destroy zombies from weak ones to powerful and agile bosses. They appear everywhere along the way and can take your breath away with their dynamic dance moves. To survive, you must both drive well and shoot well. Moreover, you need to have a wise action strategy to master the track and minimize damage as much as possible. There are many themed maps to unlock and dozens of powerful zombie-killing vehicles. Discover them all in your race.

Zombie Derby 2 – Fast-paced zombie shooting war!

Are you bored with the familiar shooting games? Zombie Derby 2 will renew your shooting experience when it is combined with an off-road racing theme and zombie background. It promises to bring fiery battles on the track instead of on a large battlefield. Your car will move from left to right and may pass a bunch of zombies along the way. While you’re click-to-action, there’s no need to worry about car navigation like many racing games are used to. This shortened gameplay mechanic will help you approach the game more easily. But at the same time, it also poses a challenge for gamers when they have to shoot and drive over terrain.


Kill every zombie on the way

The game context takes place in the apocalypse when the pandemic swept the big city and turned everyone into zombies. Now the city is slowly turning to ashes and walking corpses surround the entire streets here. But luckily, you own a vehicle with a well-maintained gun. You can cross paths filled with zombies to win the pandemic and restore human civilization. But you need to drive wisely to overcome challenging terrains and kill zombies. You also need to upgrade your vehicles and weapons to withstand increasingly fierce challenges.

Compared to games that are purely about racing or driving simulation, this game has simpler control mechanics. You don’t need to navigate the car, just click the virtual buttons including brake, shooting, and nitro. You need to use the brakes properly to control the speed of the vehicle when driving on a ramp. Moreover, you need to shoot in time to kill zombies or destroy obstacles such as explosive barrels or wooden blocks. The nitro tank will be used for emergency situations when you need to accelerate to achieve the desired distance or speed. After a ride, you can view your results and make the necessary upgrades to continue your journey.


Unlock many unique car models and maps

The vehicle system in Zombie Derby 2 is also quite diverse. It includes 8 cars with their own look and stats. Each car has its own distinct engine sound, providing a fresh and exciting driving experience. Besides, you can upgrade the car by replacing its parts. For example, you can replace wheels, add fuel and ammunition, change axles and add other auxiliary equipment. That way, you can improve both your vehicle’s speed, damage, and performance. With big fuel, you’ll go a long way. With more ammo plus support equipment, your car will really sweep the zombie track.

Besides, the game also owns a unique map system that is carefully designed on 3D graphics. It will bring you to many places from deserts to deep forests, streets, villages, and more. Enjoy the stunning scenery on your track. And each map is also designed with unique terrain types and obstacles. You will encounter new obstacles along the way as well as many new zombie shapes. The diverse zombie system will make you always feel new.


Modern design, eye-catching effect

Although it cannot be compared with games specializing in zombie survival, this game is really impressive with its modern and realistic style. The image of zombies is quite diverse, including many types from the weak to the big Boss, from the ones that can only stand still to the types of jumping and running fast. Besides, the map system is designed in a detailed 3D environment. The effects of collision, fire, explosion, and gore… are also very realistic and vivid.

All in all, Zombie Derby 2 is an attractive off-road racing game with a new shooting element. It will delight you with a fast-paced driving experience on a variety of terrains filled with obstacles and zombies. Unlock the most powerful cars and upgrade them to gain an advantage in the endless journey of survival. You have to be wary of terrible zombies or steep slopes and dangerous obstacles.

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