Zoldout 00.17.08 MOD Menu VIP, God mode, One hit, UNLIMITED SP APK
Zoldout MOD APK 00.17.08

Zoldout 00.17.08 MOD Menu VIP, God mode, One hit, UNLIMITED SP APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Zoldout
Requires Android 5.1
PublisherC4Cat Entertainment Limited
Latest Version00.17.08
MOD Menu, God mode, One hit, UNLIMITED SP
Price FREE

Zoldout is a role-playing game that combines elements of strategy and cards. This is a new name in the mobile game market and has a bold Japanese anime style. Join the game, you will play as a commander of the hero squad in the fantasy world. Your mission is to lead a team of heroes to fight to protect the world from evil forces. The strategic element plays an important role in every war. It shows in the way you navigate, select, and combine cards. Besides, the upgrade strategy also affects your progress.

Zoldout – A tactical role-playing game with a fantasy story!

Coming to Zoldout, you will become an important part of the city of Inrumus. This was a peaceful and prosperous place until attacked by dark monsters. Enemies are plotting to invade this city and destroy world peace. And the fate of humanity is in your hands – an unknown weapon shop boss. Your mission is to gather the most powerful heroes and weapons to protect the world from evil. It’s been a long journey with tight story elements and epic action.


Take part in turn-based card battles

The main gameplay of this game is turn-based battles with a card element. A series of missions will be unlocked according to your level of progress. In each mission, you need to gather cards to fight the enemy. The goal is to kill all enemies in each mission to get rewards and unlock new challenges. During the fight, you have full control of the cards in your turn. There are two important card types to watch out for, heroes and weapons. Combine them together for an advantage.

As for the hero cards, you will see them appear on the battlefield. You can tap on any hero and apply options. Accordingly, you have the choice to attack, move, or restore HP. How to decide is up to your strategy. If you want to attack, select the hero and choose the corresponding target. In particular, there is no limit between squares on the battlefield. Thus, strategy navigation and implementation become freer and more creative.


Unlock and upgrade hero groups

Zoldout brings more than 200 cards including heroes and weapons. Each hero will have its own profile with distinct attributes. The hero’s strength is determined through attributes such as damage, HP, defense, speed, and more. You can upgrade these attributes to improve the hero. Besides, the enemy system is equally diverse. Each monster has its own appearance and skills. The diversity of the character system will create a variety of strategies.

As for weapons, there are hundreds of different cards. You can find the most popular cards like swords, knives, bows, magic wands, etc. Weapons will determine the hero’s fighting style. If you apply for the bow card, you will turn the hero into an archer. If you use the sword card, the hero will fight like a swordsman. Besides weapons, the game has other interesting items. These items are mainly used to upgrade cards.


Follow an epic story

Not only has strategy and action elements, but this game is also built with a well-rounded storyline. Chapters of the story will gradually be unlocked as the level progresses. Thereby, you will have the opportunity to discover new characters, new enemies, and many never-before-seen details. Many new character routes will bring variety to your card system. New episodes also bring new contexts to expand the fantasy world. The further you go, the more interesting things are waiting for you.


2D anime combined with 3D design

This game has a bold visual style of cherry blossom country. It’s a 3D anime style mixed with 2D. The avatar of the character will be designed in 2D. Meanwhile, their model on the battlefield will have a detailed, realistic 3D form. Each hero will have its own appearance and skill effects. You will feel the grandeur of each skill through the cut scenes. Exciting sound effects also contribute to the attractiveness of the battlefield.

All in all, Zoldout is a great strategy RPG game. Although it has just been released recently, this game will soon become popular with all gamers. To play the game, simply click on the link in this article to download it for free. And you can start your adventure with cards right away. Choose and combine cards your way to conquer every battlefield.

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