ZEDGE 8.40.3 MOD Premium Unlocked, Without Ads, Unlimited Credits APK

ZEDGE 8.40.3 MOD Premium Unlocked, Without Ads, Unlimited Credits APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 days ago)
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Zedge
Size 38MB
Latest Version 8.40.3
MOD Premium Unlocked, Without Ads, Unlimited Credits
Category Personalization
Price FREE

ZEDGE is an application that helps you personalize your mobile phone. Specifically, here is a library of free wallpapers and ringtones for you. You will find here hundreds of thousands of still and animated wallpapers in premium quality (up to 4K APK. Besides, you can also customize the wallpaper the way you want by adding text and stickers. This app has thousands of free ringtones to install on your phone. Just choose any ringtone, download it or click like, and you can listen to it every day from your alarm, voice call, or message.

ZEDGE – Premium wallpapers and ringtones store!

Have you thought about personalizing your phone? ZEDGE is what will help you do just that. This app brings a bunch of unique content for wallpapers and ringtones. In it, most of the content is free to unlock and apply to your phone. Not only that, the application library is constantly updated daily and weekly. Thanks to that, every time you visit the application, you will find something new. Try refreshing the look and sound of your phone with this app.


Explore the stock of high-quality wallpapers

With this application, you do not need any other third-party wallpaper application. Simply because it has everything you need in a library of over 100,000 wallpapers available. The wallpaper system includes a variety of themes from nature to animals, technology, art, 3D, cars, anime, and more. Each theme is also a collection of hundreds of other interesting options from sweet to personality. So what is your favorite wallpaper style? Just select the wallpaper and see it right on your home screen.

Besides the wallpaper for the home screen, you can set the wallpaper for the hard screen or both at the same time. In addition, the quality of the wallpaper will surprise you when it is supported with a resolution of full HD or higher. This application also has a series of live wallpapers with interesting video effects. But these wallpapers do not drain the phone battery like many other wallpapers. That’s because the live wallpaper is played only once when you turn on the screen. While you are surfing the web or texting, the movements will stop to become a static wallpaper.


Set personalized ringtones

With ZEDGE, you also don’t need to look for another ringtone app. This application has an endless ringtone store for you to choose from. Like wallpapers, the ringtone store is also organized by themes from classic to modern. Besides, the most popular tunes will be suggested on the home screen, helping you quickly access the world’s ringtone trends. If you have any interest in ringtones, type a keyword in the search box to see the results quickly.

Not only ringtone, but you can also set any tone for many purposes. For example, you can set new sounds for alarms, voice calls, message notifications, alarm tones, etc. Just one touch to instantly set up a new sound and personalize your phone. Many new tunes are continuously updated from time to time. So visit the app often to find new content. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ringtone every day.


Unleash your creativity

Besides the available content, this application also allows you to design your own. Specifically, you can select resources from an inventory of stickers, text, and images to create a personalized wallpaper. The customization possibilities are seemingly limitless. So you have the right to change the size, text color, font, text position, image rotation, etc. In addition, there are a variety of themed stickers to add to the wallpaper. Arrange them your way, then back up and share with everyone.


Like, backup and share easily

Did you find the wallpaper and ringtone you like? Just click “Like” to add to your favorite list without downloading. Besides, this application also allows you to monitor any account. Once you follow, you’ll get the latest notifications from that account. Here’s how you get lots of new wallpapers or ringtones from your favorite creators. You can also share these contents on social networks or save them to your device. In particular, you can become a creator in this application with works created by yourself.

ZEDGE is available here to download for free on your phone. Don’t hesitate to do it if you want to refresh your phone with new wallpapers and ringtones. You will find here a wide range of unique and free wallpapers and ringtones. What was more amazing? A series of new models will be updated to keep you up to date with world trends. Everything is in this app.

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