Xender 14.0.1.Prime MOD Remove Ads, Auto Update Disabled, Cleaned Garbage, Splash Time Reduced APK
Xender MOD APK 14.0.1.Prime

Xender 14.0.1.Prime MOD Remove Ads, Auto Update Disabled, Cleaned Garbage, Splash Time Reduced APK

By Hai Nam April 6, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Xender
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Xender File Sharing Team
Size 20MB
Latest Version 14.0.1.Prime
MOD No Ads, Auto Update Disabled, Cleaned Garbage, Splash Time Reduced
Category Tools
Price FREE

Xender is the necessary tool if you want to share files quickly. This application can help you share any file from text to images and videos. In particular, the file-sharing speed is 200 times faster than the transfer rate of Bluetooth. You also don’t need to spend mobile data to share every file. This application also does not require you to connect a USB or install computer software. Everything is shared quickly over a wifi connection. But you don’t need a very fast connection to share files in seconds. Enjoy this after downloading the app!

Introduce about Xender – Share any file with fast speed!

In the age of the internet boom, file sharing is simpler than ever. But things are even simpler if you have Xender on your phone. This application helps you to share any file from small to large, with fast speed and no data consumption. With the convenience brought, the application has attracted more than 100 million users globally. Most of the features in the app are also completely free. So users can comfortably share files, manage activities, transfer files between platforms and devices, and more.


Unlimited file sharing

Normally, to share files, you can use Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Gmail, etc. The common point of these applications is that they require internet usage from wifi or mobile data. But Xender doesn’t. This application does not need cables, internet, mobile data, etc. to transfer files. Whether you’re sharing small or large files, images, text, or videos, sharing is quick.

According to the publisher, this application has a transmission speed of 200 times that of Bluetooth. Moreover, the fastest speed can be achieved up to 10M/s. File sharing is not limited by file size or format. You can share files of images, music, text, apps, games, videos, and more. The file size is unlimited. In particular, you can also convert video files to MP3 for audio sharing without the need for any other third-party applications.


Transfer and copy files between devices

This feature helps you to copy information from one device to a new device. You can convert files, contacts, messages, pictures, songs, and more. Thus, if you want to change phones, keeping the information is no longer a problem. Just a few simple steps to copy and transfer anything via Xender. Moreover, this application also supports file transfer between other devices such as tablets, PC, and Macs and between Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.


Manage your activities

All activities performed on the application are kept for management. Specifically, you can view shared files, move files from one folder to another, delete received files, back up files to clear memory, etc. Thanks to that, the application also helps manage data on the phone. If you accidentally send or delete a certain file by mistake, you have the right to review and undo it.

Some other features

Besides unlimited file sharing, this application also owns a series of other auxiliary features, such as:

View your friends’ apps: Once two devices are connected to share files, you’ll be introduced to apps from your friend’s device. You also have the right to share the application system on your device with others. Here’s how to share your favorite game or app with your friends.

Introduce about support: You can look at Xender as a downloader that helps you get anything from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more apps. Introduce about file formats include images, audio, and video. The download speed is also guaranteed so you don’t have to wait too long.


Support many different languages

To date, this application is supported in more than 32 different languages. Specifically, it’s English, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, French, Vietnamese, Spanish, etc. So accessing all the features here is not difficult no matter how you speak what language. Besides, the interface design is quite friendly and simple. Features such as opening files, installing apps, deleting, sharing, etc. are all visually displayed on the screen. You also just need to slide gently to share files with friends.

It can be said that Xender is a tool that should be on every device. This application will help you share everything quickly, conveniently, and securely. You don’t need data or wifi connection to share photos, videos, and any other files. Moreover, you only need to wait a few seconds to share files and get feedback from your friends. Copying and transferring data between devices is also very simple thanks to this tool.

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