World War Defense 1.0.44 MOD Unlimited Gold, Shopping Without Money APK
World War Defense MOD APK 1.0.44

World War Defense 1.0.44 MOD Unlimited Gold, Shopping Without Money APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name World War Defense
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Cantalooza Games LLC
Size 47MB
Latest Version 1.0.44
MOD Unlimited Gold, Free Shopping
Category Strategy
Price FREE

World War Defense is a strategy game that takes place in the style of city defense. Role-play as a commander to participate in battles. Based on the game’s story about the world after the apocalypse. Your mission is to lead the forces involved in the defensive battle. Prevent attacks from enemy troops to protect the barracks. Through thousands of different levels waiting ahead. The goal is to destroy all enemies trying to invade to win. From there complete missions to collect resources, build barracks, and strengthen forces. Based on defensive strategy gameplay, requires your skill and experience in command. Arrange the squad appropriately to bring efficiency.

Download World War Defense MOD APK – Command Forces To Stop The Enemy To Protect The Barracks

The setting unfolds on land with harsh environmental conditions. Follow the post-apocalyptic story to complete the quest. You will have to recruit and lead soldiers to the arena. They are the lucky survivors armed with weapons. Accordingly, it will be necessary to arrange the position of each unit on the defensive tower, which is a means of transportation. The goal is to stop the waves of attack by enemy forces. Defend the barracks that are being invaded by enemies to dominate and rob resources. Intense fights will take place on the fierce battlefield. Only when destroying all approaching enemy troops can the mission be completed.Tai World War Defense

More than 1000 levels

The content takes place according to each defensive battle in the arena. Unlock over 1000 levels in ascending order to challenge your abilities. At each level opens a wave of attacks from the enemy force in large numbers. Play as a commander to prepare for dramatic defensive battles. You will have to lead armed units standing on the tower. Since then, it will not stop attacking as soon as it detects the enemy. Kill each enemy in turn until wiping out their entire attack wave. At that time, you will win a resounding victory and receive a reward corresponding to the achievement.Game World War Defense

Get resources and experience

Win a defense match in World War Defense. Based on participation level and achievements. From there will receive the corresponding amount of gold coins. This is the resource for you to continue to deploy your defense strategy. As well as building barracks by unlocking buildings and upgrading. Along with that is the accumulated experience points, when meeting the conditions will increase to a new level. At this point, you will receive stars that you can use to unlock some features in the barracks. From there, develop the force to enhance the capabilities of the units.World War Defense

The challenge is getting harder and harder

Go to the next level in the base defense mission. The difficulty will increase making it difficult for you to pass the challenge. Because the number of attacking enemies will be larger than before. Not only that but they were also reinforced by many new units. With much superior attack and stamina. This makes it difficult for your tower defenses. Must spend more time in fierce fighting. It can even be destroyed if the enemy cannot be stopped. At this point, the quest will fail, and have to start the participation level again.

Recruit defense units

There are many different units for you to recruit. As introduced earlier, they are all lucky survivors of the disaster. Each one is equipped with a unique weapon and attack style. At the same time, it is divided into three forces including leading, middle and late. There are a number of units such as machine gunners, rocket launchers, AKs, and melee units. There are many other units of other forces that will be learned when participating. Each unit possesses different stats, including health, damage, attack range, attack rate, target, and skill cooldown. Accordingly, using gold coins to upgrade each unit’s level will improve their stats.Download World War Defense

Use resources earned from defensive battles in World War Defense. Can build barracks with many different activities. Unlock structures like observation towers, control rooms, military depots, training grounds, and more. Each project plays its own important role. Based on the money available to build each project in turn. After that, you have to upgrade the level to improve the better ability that each building brings.

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