World Cricket Championship 2 4.7 MOD Lots of Money APK
World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK 4.7

World Cricket Championship 2 4.7 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (19 hours ago)
Name World Cricket Championship 2
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Nextwave Multimedia
Size 512MB
Latest Version 4.7
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Sport
Price FREE

Take part in the Open Baseball Championship in World Cricket Championship 2. The gameplay is played according to actual rules from the sport of baseball. But has omitted complicated elements and simplified the gameplay. Help all players can immerse themselves in attractive baseball matches. Accordingly, you can perform a series of highly technical shots. Examples include the famous Dil-scoop, the Upper-Cut owl, and many more. Not stopping there, the developer also offers many other unique features. Not only in the optimized baseball gameplay but also in opening matches in many modes. Along with that is the character customization feature, allowing you to create your own soccer player.

World Cricket Championship 2 – Participate In Baseball Matches To Find The Champion!

The content of the game revolves around baseball matches. The rules of the game are inspired by the real-life sport of baseball. The competition will be turn-based. The players of the two teams will stand in corresponding positions with different roles on the field. Accordingly, the batting and pitching players of both teams will stand in the center. Along with the operation and supervision of the referee. Every time it is your team’s turn to throw the ball, it is necessary to make it impossible for the opponent to hit. On the contrary, try to hit the ball from your opponent’s turn. Then score points to get closer to victory. Based on the rules of classification of winners and losers takes place, after the end of the contest. The team with the higher score wins.World Cricket Championship 2

Online mode

Baseball competitions will be held in two modes. Includes online mode and offline mode. According to the mechanism of playing 1vs1 in matches. Each mode will have to compete with different teams around the world. At the same time, there are different conditions that require players to comply. Online mode will require a network connection. Because the opponents are all real players, they will compete with their baseball team to find the winning team. Not only that but here you also have the opportunity to compete with friends or local players.Game World Cricket Championship 2

Offline mode

Coming to the offline mode of World Cricket Championship 2 that can be played for free. But it is not possible to experience all the features of the game. Here the opponents are all teams controlled by AI. Although there is no baseball gameplay as diverse as real players. But it also brings many challenges in the matches. Accordingly, you will have to overcome your opponent’s score to win. From there, you can complete the mission and move on to the next match. At that time, it will have to compete with AI teams with more diverse ways of playing. Makes it hard for you to win.Introduce about World Cricket Championship 2

There are 3 different levels

In the offline mode of the game, 3 different levels can be selected. In ascending order from easy, medium, and difficult. Each level will determine the ability of the opposing team to compete during the competition. The easy level will be for beginners. Through it get acquainted with the gameplay, as well as improve skills and improve thinking of playing baseball. Coming to the difficulty level will be for professional teams. Although the team is controlled by AI, it will bring challenging turns.

There are 40 cameras with viewing angles

To track the ball phase during the game. Can pass through 40 cameras with different viewing angles. From there, you can see the line between hitting or throwing the ball just made. Accordingly, each camera will bring its own viewing angle on the baseball field. Not only in the center of the field, where the matches take place. It is also reproduced in the players on the touchline when receiving the ball. As well as throwing the ball toward teammates in the middle of the field. Moreover, hawk-eye mode can also be used to view the overview of the previous ball played. This is a very interesting feature that will definitely bring you realism during gameplay.Tai World Cricket Championship 2

At World Cricket Championship 2 there are 18 international baseball teams and 10 domestic teams. Along with that are 42 stadiums simulated in many different locations. Bringing you exciting baseball matches. Accordingly, each team will represent a country to compete with other teams. Through the matches will have the opportunity to explore each environment of the stadium in turn.

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