Wild Blood 1.1.5 MOD Lots of Money, Gold APK
Wild Blood MOD APK 1.1.5

Wild Blood 1.1.5 MOD Lots of Money, Gold APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 months ago)
Name Wild Blood
Requires Android 2.3
Publisher Gameloft SE
Download 108
Size 43MB
Latest Version 1.1.5
MOD Unlimited Money, Gold
Category Action
Price FREE

Wild Blood brings you into the mystical fantasy world, where you will play the role of a hero in the fight against the evil forces of darkness. This game will make you fall in love with its well-organized storyline, rich quest system, and realistic role-playing mechanics. There, you will have a fascinating adventure with large-scale battles. You can traverse many places, meet the wildest enemies and reach the darkness that surrounds your kingdom. You will decide your own destiny with the help of weapons and equipment. The further you go, the more you will have the opportunity to explore. Let’s write an unprecedented fantasy adventure story here.

Wild Blood – The fight against the dark devil!

According to the main plot of the game, you will play Lancelot, a great hero. You are suspected by King Arthur of having an affair with Queen Guinevere. In jealousy and anger, he was tricked by the almighty witch Morgana Le Fey to open the portal of time, allowing all forms of demons from the darkness to enter the world. Since then, the whole kingdom has been shrouded in gloom and dangers lurking from everywhere. It’s time for Lancelot to decide his destiny. You will help him on his way into the king’s castle, where the almighty witch is holding the king and queen. That is where it all started. You need to conquer the adventure journey there and end it all.


Unleash your fighting potential

The game has two typical modes, PvE and PvP. As such, if you want to follow the game’s plot and play as Lancelot in the battle adventure to the castle, you should get into the PvE mode. It includes a bunch of quests for you, but you’re not alone. You get support from Sir Gawain and many other heroes who are standing up against the darkness. They act as guides to guide you through new lands, conquer the most barbaric enemies and claim the worthy loot. Meanwhile, if you love large-scale indie battles, PvP mode is the place for you. There, you will team up with 3 other players to participate in the 4v4 battlefield or Capture the flag mode.

To conquer your journey in story mode or real-time, make sure you master the skill of manipulation. Accordingly, you will control the hero with the joystick on the left side of the screen. At the same time, just click the virtual buttons to use weapons and attack. But when going to war, you must combine these operations smoothly and flexibly. Try to move wisely to dodge attacks and approach the enemy with powerful slashes. Besides, you should look for new weapons to flexibly act, from melee to long-range.


Unlimited upgrades

To conquer an endless journey in Wild Blood, upgrading is an indispensable element. You need to find bonuses and resources to improve your hero’s stats and unlock new skills and weapons. Accordingly, there are some important stats including Damage, Critical, and Speed. You can also activate new skills that come from the elements of fire, ice, and light. As for weapons, you’ll find bows, axes, knives, and more. In particular, there are quite a few super cool armors that can help you increase damage reduction and recovery. Combine these together your way to level up your hero, and you’ll have a better chance of surviving to go the extra mile.


Explore mysterious lands

The fantasy world of the game consists of many different areas. You will be led by NPCs in the game to gradually explore them all. Thanks to that, you will have the opportunity to go through magnificent castles, ancient battlefields, dark dungeons, towns, villages, and ancient temples… In each place, you will have to encounter thousands of people. A variety of enemies, including more than 20 types of giant bosses. It’s your chance to enjoy the most intense, breathtaking, and bloody battles. At the same time, the game world will expand more and more with your every step.


High-quality 3D graphics background

The game impresses with its sophisticated and high-end graphic style. The 3D graphics background has brought beautiful images, from the characters to the background. Your warrior looks cool with great armor, powerful weapons, and an aura that exudes every movement and attack effect. Besides, the boss system is designed in detail and creatively. Thanks to that, the battles in the game between warriors and bosses are the most addictive. The voice acting is also very realistic, the music is catchy and heroic.

Those are the reasons that you should not ignore Wild Blood. It will bring you endless role-playing adventures with epic bloody battles. Get ready to be the hero and conquer every challenge along the way. A vast fantasy world with many mysteries is waiting for you to discover here. Furthermore, online leaderboards are available for you to compete with your friends and rank up.

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