What The Fight 1.6.5 MOD Unlimited Coins APK
What The Fight MOD APK 1.6.5

What The Fight 1.6.5 MOD Unlimited Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name What The Fight
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher VOODOO
Size 119MB
Latest Version 1.6.5
MOD Unlimited Coins
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Through the arcade game of the developer VOODOO. Players will enjoy fun matches in What The Fight. The game is inspired by freestyle matches on the platform. The content revolves around effeminate stickman characters. Compete in a match to knock your opponent out of the game. Win by being the last person standing on the platform. To bring different and fresh gameplay compared to similar-themed games. A series of unique features are provided by the system. Realistic, fast-paced ragdoll-style combat. A wide variety of weapons and different items are used in the battle. Missions according to each level, very diverse and there are unexpected events waiting to be discovered.

Introduce about What The Fight – Free Fight Between Stickman Characters!

Open free matches on the large platform. Based on the open gameplay of the game What The Fight. Each fight has the participation of many stickman characters. Their difference is shown by color. For example, blue, red, purple, yellow,… and especially with facial expressions. Get ready to go to war to start competing. You will accompany a stickman character to compete with opponents. Through the action of using weapons and items that appear on the platform to attack. Reduces enemy’s HP. Or push them out of the ring to eliminate them. At the same time must find ways to survive the onslaught from other stickman characters. Be the last to survive to win. Complete missions and get corresponding rewards.Tai What The Fight

Quests in ascending levels

What The Fight ‘s mission system takes place according to the levels of play. Each level opens up a dramatic competitive war. Take turns taking down the opponent and safely surviving to end the battle. From there will complete the task with excellent achievements. The reward received includes gold coins. The amount will correspond to each level. As well as the achievements you have achieved during the battle. It is then possible to start a new match, which takes place at the next level. Meaning the difficulty will increase, making you more difficult. The pace of the game is also faster than before. The fighting ability of flexible stickman opponents. To beat them and win. You need to prove your skills. Through effective attack and use of combat items.Game What The Fight

Weapons and items, skills

As introduced earlier, What The Fight has a lot of different types of items. They are used to make weapons and attack stickman opponents. For example, wooden crates, trash cans, chairs, fences, dumbbells, etc. are used for melee attacks. Or some weapon with the ability to increase ranged attack. Includes pistols and sprinklers. Depending on the level of the match, different types of items and weapons will be provided. Although the actions of the stickman character are effeminate. But can use anything, even lifting heavy wooden crates. To be able to eliminate the opponent from the ring, win the final. Requires your control skills to be really flexible. Combine observation to avoid and handle situations. At the same time, some tips can be implemented to limit the danger from the opponent.Introduce about What The Fight

Accumulate coins to unlock new characters

To perform trading operations in What The Fight. You will have to use the gold coins accumulated from previous matches. Because this is the main and only currency, used to unlock and shop. Through the freedom fighters on the platform. Win, in turn, you will accumulate a large amount. Can be used to unlock new stickman characters. The game is provided with a diverse character system. Typical are clowns, pirates, skeletons, ninjas, and cowboys. The difference between the characters is reflected in their appearance and facial expressions. Specially shaped in cartoon style. As the difficulty increases gradually through each level, face stronger opponents. You need to upgrade your muscle strength to increase your ability to lift heavy objects.What The Fight

Through the matches of What The Fight. You will be exploring many different environments. Based on ragdoll style and cartoon graphics. Recreate many unique spaces. For example, compete on the streets, in the ring, and on the roofs of buildings. And many other environments will be unlocked when participating. Combine the effeminate actions of stickman characters. Create impressive and different gameplay. Interspersed with a fun sound system, shown through the background music.

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