Western Sniper 2.8.3 MOD Lots of Money APK
Western Sniper MOD APK 2.8.3

Western Sniper 2.8.3 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Western Sniper
Requires Android 4.4
Latest Version2.8.3
MOD Unlimited Money
Price FREE

Western Sniper is a western-style shooting game. It offers fun and thrilling challenges, allowing you to play as a romantic cowboy and take part in fast-paced sniper shootings. Pick up your gun, aim and shoot, as simple as that but don’t look down on your opponent. The ragdoll bandits look funny but powerful. They are always ready with weapons in hand or run quite fast, making it difficult to aim your shot. The challenges will become increasingly difficult as the enemies get smarter. Thereby, you also have endless adventures in many places in the wild west. From mountains and forests to seas, deserts, and snowy lands, let’s discover the beauty of each.

Western Sniper – 3D shooting gameplay with ragdoll style!

If you are bored with realistic shooting games with cumbersome rules, Western Sniper is the place for you to renew the feeling. It is a 3D shooting game with a simple design, easy-to-understand gameplay, and includes a diverse level system. You will have the opportunity to show off your shooting skills, especially sniper skills. Your enemies are bandits and their death gives cowboy bonuses. This is the time to survive and fight for justice. Moreover, your adventure is not limited to just one map. There are many places to go and adventure. There are countless guns and unique items to design heroes. These things pique the curiosity of every gamer. Along with the fun ragdoll cartoon design, the game makes you happy every second.


Play as a cowboy and have a shootout

The game consists of several successive levels. At each level, your task is to play as a cowboy and destroy all enemies belonging to gangsters and pirates. You will do it with a sniper rifle in hand. But you need to aim accurately to have effective shots. Swipe on the screen, adjust the direction of the shot and click to shoot. After killing one target, you can repeat the steps to continue finishing the remaining targets. Until you complete the assigned mission in each level, you will pass the level and be able to unlock new levels. At the same time, your cowboy bonus will be automatically added to your account.

The early levels are actually pretty easy to get through. But the higher the level, the harder the challenge, demanding your progress. Your enemies become smarter when they know how to move, even run fast, hide, and can shoot back. So you need fast and extremely accurate shots to finish the target in just a few seconds. Otherwise, you may be raided by other snipers. If your HP reaches 0, you will return to the starting line to start over. Work hard to train your sniper skills to become the best marksman. Not only bonuses, but you also receive titles and are respected by the people as a heroic cowboy.


Unlock new guns and maps

To fight, you cannot lack a gun. Western Sniper gives you a variety of unique guns to play like a real cowboy. Gun systems include pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, and more. Each gun has its own characteristics in terms of ammo count, rate of fire, damage, range… So you will have many options in each fight. But sometimes, single shots aren’t as effective. You need to know how to combine shots with destructive effects from the environment. Try shooting at oil tanks, fire extinguishers, hoses, and more to create a huge explosion. In particular, headshots are always more effective than other types of shots.

Besides, your cowboy will experience many battles on different maps. You can travel through many locations, be it the desert, the city, the suburbs, the sea, the jungle, and more. So you can shoot from above, from a window, on a small boat, or anywhere. With different standing positions, you will need your own strategy to adjust the direction of the shot. In particular, if you are sailing, consider the vibration of the boat.


Cartoon design, eye-catching effects

Instead of realistic design, this game depicts everything with an animated design on 3D graphics. Characters in the game are mainly stickmen with funny appearances. But they have fun and snappy transitions, like ragdolls. Besides, the game context is quite diverse and always filled with bright colors. The effects of shooting, explosion, and collision are also very impressive. The sound of gunfire is also quite realistic. Therefore, the FPS experience here is as good as in other popular games.

So don’t miss the Western Sniper if you are a shooter. Sniper battles with funny images and eye-catching explosion effects will make you fall in love. Are you ready to play cowboy and fight like a real marksman? The ragdoll bandits are waiting for you to shoot.

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