Weekend Warriors MMA 1.211.64 MOD Unlocked All APK
Weekend Warriors MMA MOD APK 1.211.64

Weekend Warriors MMA 1.211.64 MOD Unlocked All APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Weekend Warriors MMA
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher MDickie
Size 35MB
Latest Version 1.211.64
MOD Unlocked All
Category Sport
Price FREE

Weekend Warriors MMA opens MMA matches. Based on action gameplay, combined with 1vs1 fighting elements. Become a manager to lead your boxer to the start of his competitive career. Compete against other opponents in dramatic boxing matches. Use critical hits to deal damage to your opponent. From there win after going through the innings. When participating in the game you will enjoy the excitement of an action sports game. With the appearance of many different boxers in fighting matches. Especially, you can use the features completely for free, through the offline game mode. Along with that, the graphics system is simulated based on a realistic 2D platform.

Download Weekend Warriors MMA MOD APK – Fighting Style Boxers Fight

The content of the game revolves around boxing matches. Accordingly, there are many different characters for you to choose from to develop your career as a boxer. Each character is prominently shaped with a muscular and muscular body. They are all boxers with the ability to compete strongly in confrontations. The difference between the characters is not only reflected in appearance and appearance. It is also judged by strength, health, speed, stamina, and grappling ability. Accordingly, you can choose a favorite boxer to start your career. Lead them to participate in boxing matches in the ring to compete with other opponents.Game Weekend Warriors MMA

Customize your fighter’s appearance

Can name some boxers such as Quentin Remix, C Breeze, Anton Apex, Gabriel, Crash Cougar, and Cameron Cool. There is much more to be discovered when participating in the game. After choosing a boxer in your own style. Appearance can be customized with various options provided by the system. Those are the costumes that are designed in their own outstanding style. For example, the style of going topless and wearing a pair of boxing pants in different colors. Besides, it is also possible to customize shoes for female boxers. Depending on your play style, the options provided can be used to change the appearance of the character.Tai Weekend Warriors MMA

Control system

The control mechanism of the game Weekend Warriors MMA is designed to be intuitive. The process of the boxing match in the ring. You will use 4 arrow keys to navigate and move the boxer. They are displayed in the left corner of the screen. Besides, there are 4 letters displayed with different colors in the right corner of the screen. Includes S, G, T, and B. Each letter will perform different attack actions, typical of boxing. Not only that, the letters can be combined with each other to create powerful combos. Thereby dealing damage to reduce the opponent’s health.Download Weekend Warriors MMA

Customize skills

Through the control system to perform attack actions. You can also customize your attacks and kicks in different ways. At the Moves feature of the game to perform actions. For example, combine with the scroll and letter keys to create punches, kicks, knee kicks, forearm spins, elbow spins and grappling opponents. There are many more actions to customize, to suit your playstyle when using the control mechanism.

Rules take place in each match

Participate in fighting matches between boxers. In each match, there will be 3 rounds in real-time. Each round opens a dramatic confrontation between two boxers in the ring. They will rush to attack each other with boxing attacks to deal damage. Examples include hook punches, side kicks, knee kicks, and grappling. Thereby causing damage that reduces the enemy’s health. After one of the two fighters is defeated, the round ends. Or the time ends without being able to sort out the winners and losers, the system will be based on the remaining blood of the two boxers to classify. Then continue the new round until the end of 3 rounds. The boxer who wins 2 rounds becomes the champion.Weekend Warriors MMA

According to the game rules that take place in each boxing match of Weekend Warriors MMA. You only need to beat your opponent in two rounds to win. Thus, it is possible not to compete in 3 innings. It is possible to end the match in the first 2 innings. By using skills to attack active soldiers. Win against the opponent in the first 2 innings. From there will become the champion of the match to continue to the next fight. At the same time, prove yourself as a professional boxer.

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