We Are Illuminati 6.0.1 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, All unlocked APK
We Are Illuminati MOD APK 6.0.1

We Are Illuminati 6.0.1 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, All unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 days ago)
Name We Are Illuminati
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher By Aliens
Size 81MB
Latest Version 6.0.1
MOD Menu, Unlimited money, All unlocked
Category Simulation
Price FREE

We Are Illuminati is an idle strategy simulation game that you should try at least once. Join the game, you will be guided to become the ruler of the world. You will do that by acquiring buildings and engaging your fans. Not just in any field, you can cover everything from production and real estate to journalism, politics, music, and more. Upgrade your buildings to spread your ideas to more places over time. This journey will not stop until you are tired or satisfied with your dream of power. Journalists, pop idols, politicians, or even aliens can all be within your control.

We Are Illuminati – Idle gameplay with a “click” mechanism!

Have you ever thought of dominating this world your way? We Are Illuminati is the place to make that impossible dream come true. It will suggest you many paths to achieve your goal, but you just click to enjoy. At the beginning of the game, you will be guided by an Illuminati named Nailitper. He is an alien with eyes that can see through everything in this world. He will guide you through the first steps to begin your world conquest. But later on, you can do everything yourself or hire a manager. Your job is simply to enjoy the profits and allies that grow over time.


Conquer all fields to rule the world

Your aim in this game is to become the supreme ruler of the entire world. This may sound absurd, but if you know how, you can completely achieve your wish. The principle for this is quite simple, you will acquire businesses and sectors around the globe to attract people to your side and continue to use human resources to spread your ideal more. The more supporters you need, the greater your strength. And you don’t just stop at one area, but all fields are developing. So, your target audience is everyone, especially the tycoons and those with great influence in society.

The first area you target is factories, businesses, companies, and any construction. You will start with a single company and continue to use it to acquire the rest. By upgrading, your company becomes more and more powerful and influential, which is the basis for you to easily conquer other companies around the globe. When you reach a certain level and reach the required number of people, you can continue to expand your influence into many new areas. There are hundreds of different fields with their own functions. But if you take them all, you will be the master of this world.


Unlock many new categories

We Are Illuminati allows you to experience many unique areas beyond your imagination. From the most basic fields like real estate or production businesses to the movies, music, information technology, even politics, and the space industry. You will have the opportunity to unlock them all in your journey to become the ruler of the world. Do not hesitate to produce songs with hidden messages, control news through press channels, supply exotic chemicals in factories or hack websites to break into rights leadership offices and take over their shady plans.

As things get bigger, you may need to click more to manage and upgrade them all. Then think about unlocking great managers to manage all activities for you. Each manager has its own characteristics, but the higher the level, the more profit they generate for you. And even when you are offline, the managers themselves manage, upgrade, unlock and generate profits for you. In particular, great managers will help you attract more human resources to your side. And that is the basis for getting closer to your dream of domination.


Simple and delicate image

This game is a simple simulator on the phone’s vertical screen. Therefore, it is described with a minimalistic yet sophisticated visual style. The images of the characters in the game are quite impressive because of their newness and creativity. The gameplay mechanics are accessible, just “click” and enjoy the eye-catching effects in your every click. Along with that, the catchy background music also contributes to boosting the morale of every player.

MOD APK feature implemented of We Are Illuminati

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • All unlocked

So, do you have any plans for your journey to world domination? If not, come to We Are Illuminati and learn how to become a great leader. You can take everything in your hand to make money and attract people who believe in your ideals. The larger the workforce, the more popular your popularity is. No matter what industry you are in, you will always be a trendsetter and an important influence.

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