WarStrike 0.1.90 MOD God Mode, Dumb Enemy APK
WarStrike FPS Offline Gun Game MOD APK 0.1.90

WarStrike 0.1.90 MOD God Mode, Dumb Enemy APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 days ago)
Name WarStrike FPS Offline Gun Game
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Tnodes
Size 92MB
Latest Version 0.1.90
MOD God Mode, Dumb Enemy, No ADS
Category Action
Price FREE

WarStrike by LMHAPKSS is a shooting game. Built with various action themes. Accordingly, you will play the role of a gunman to participate in the battles. Use equipped weapons and attack enemy forces. The goal is to shoot them all down and survive the intense skirmishes. From there win with big kills and complete the mission. To increase the experience for all players when participating in the game. A series of unique features are provided by the publisher Tnodes. The shooting modes are opened according to attractive gameplay. Until the diverse weapon systems used to attack. Along with built-in 3D-based graphics. Combines vivid and realistic sound quality.

Introduce about WarStrike – Become a Sniper to Join the Battles!

Promising to open up dramatic shooting wars in the game WarStrike. Based on the 3D platform to simulate vivid image quality. Recreate the surroundings and landscapes in very realistic battles. Expressed through The scenery, the buildings, and the terrain are very impressive. Combine with your flexible motion effects, as well as the shooters on the battlefield. Realistic simulation of fierce and intense competition. To increase the experience during combat. The game is also designed with vivid sound quality. Recreate the sound of gunfire when firing bullets or explosions created from bombs.WarStrike MOD

Campaign mode

Follow the content of the game WarStrike to participate in the Campaign mode. Open different chapters according to the plot of the game. Each chapter is divided into many shooting levels with specific tasks. Thereby you will play the role of a gunman to start the journey in each level. Perform the shooting mission against the enemies and complete the given challenge. After that, you will receive bonuses based on difficulty and achievements. Continue to new levels, in turn until you meet the conditions that will unlock the next chapter. With difficult challenges waiting ahead. You will also learn about the story in each chapter.Game WarStrike MOD

Perform quests in each level

Go on shooting missions in each level in WarStrike‘s campaign mode. From a gunman’s first-person perspective. Without support from teammates, will have to fight the enemy force alone. Move across the vast battlefield and go to designated points. Shown through the blue highlighted area is displayed. Face waves of ferocious attacks from randomly appearing enemies. Accordingly, you will have to shoot down all and successfully survive to win. Only then can you complete the quest and receive the reward.

Rewards after each battle will be based on achievements. Shown through the specific mission required and the ability to shoot headshots. In addition, they also receive experience points, when they meet the conditions, they will increase to a new level. This improves stats like movement speed, health, and recoil.WarStrike MOD APK

Online multiplayer mode

Coming to WarStrike’s online multiplayer mode. Unleash Battle Royale PvP on a huge map. With the participation of professional shooters from all over the world. Accordingly, you and them will be freed on the plane to a large area. This is the battlefield where the fight for survival takes place. In real-time, the gunmen will have to attack each other to eliminate the opponent. Constantly looking for equipment, as well as items to sustain life. The battle will last until there is only one person left on the battlefield. From there will find the winner and become the top shooter.

Team Deathmatch mode

In addition to the two modes mentioned above, the WarStrike game also opens the Team Deathmatch mode. Here takes place the team battles in 4vs4 action gameplay. Thereby you will join 3 other gunmen to form a group. Then start the competition with the opponent group on the battlefield. Work together to deploy an attack strategy. In real-time the mission is to shoot down the enemy to get the highest score possible. The battle lasts until the end of time. Based on the kills achieved between the two factions, the side with the greater number of points wins.Introduce about WarStrike MOD

WarStrike offers a huge arsenal of weapons. Includes a variety of guns to use in battles. For example pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns,… and many more. Each type has many different options. Money can be used to buy in the game store. The ability of each gun is evaluated through the stats. Includes damage, size, range, and accuracy. Besides, it is also possible to use grenades to create explosions. Thereby causing widespread damage within a certain range.

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