Wanted Fish 1.0.5 MOD Lots of Money, Remove Ads APK
Wanted Fish MOD APK 1.0.5

Wanted Fish 1.0.5 MOD Lots of Money, Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Wanted Fish
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher MondayOFF
Size 84MB
Latest Version 1.0.5
MOD Unlimited Money, No Ads
Category Casual
Price FREE

For the Casual games on the market today. Don’t focus too much on deep gameplay. Instead, build straightforward content in order to bring all players a fun entertainment time. In it, it is impossible not to mention the game Wanted Fish. This is a novel-themed game. Revolving around the content of hunting fish in the ocean. Through various tasks according to each given condition. You will have to accompany the character in the game. Exact hunting action. From there complete the job to prove yourself. Moreover, will enjoy bright graphics. The same impression when enjoying the lively environment. Set on a vast chest. With a lot of different fish species.

Introduce about Wanted Fish – Accompanying Characters Hunting Fish in the Ocean!

Game Wanted Fish is in the category of Casual games. It is completely free to play without an internet connection. Although it will be experienced in offline mode, there is a chance to enjoy many interesting things. Along with novel features provided by the system to increase attractiveness. In particular, the quest system will not be similar to games with similar themes. Instead of opening each level to play with different completion conditions. Here, each challenge will be given a specific fish by the system. You need to hunt them in the ocean to pass. As can be seen, the task in this game is quite simple. But it won’t be easy to complete. Because there will be obstacles or limitations to the scope. Makes you difficult, and requires experience and skill.Introduce about Wanted Fish

Story, quest

The background of Wanted Fish opens on an icy sea. The surroundings are covered with snow and ice. The main character in the game is equipped with a small boat. Along with a spear to use in fishing activities. In search of food to sustain life in harsh environmental conditions. Following the story told above will open a challenging journey. Mixed with that are the fun and attraction when participating. Your mission is to accompany the character. Enter the ocean fish hunt in each mission. Simultaneously show skills to catch many different species of fish. Thereby proving their own survival skills. Moreover, there will be a chance to discover fish species. They are all inspired by real life.game Wanted Fish

Gameplay, implementation process

The quest system in Wanted Fish is very interesting. Following the game of hunting fish in the ocean will open up different conditions. Each mission offers a fish, which must be hunted. Accompany the character to move the ship out to sea. Observe the diverse biota under the water in search of targets. Use the equipped javelin and take action. After completing the task will continue to make new requests. Accordingly, each area of ​​the sea will have different species of fish living. That is also the difficulty of the task during implementation. Because sometimes it will have to move to many seas to find the desired fish. Before that, spears could be used to hunt other fish. From there will help you earn some money to accumulate.tai Wanted Fish

Use resources, upgrade equipment

From fish hunts in the ocean in Wanted Fish. Will collect resources after each hunt of a species. Over time will accumulate a large amount to use in upgrading activities. To improve the character’s ability to achieve a better effect. Here, use the resources earned to be able to upgrade equipment. Includes boat, javelin, and bait. Accordingly, each secret page will have its own characteristics after being improved. For example, a small boat can be upgraded to a modern pontoon boat. Or improve the javelin to increase the number of fish that can be hunted in one shot. For example, at the first level, you can only hunt one species of fish. But upgrading to a new level will hunt 2 or 3 species of fish at the same time. Besides, can unlock to use bait.Wanted Fish

The game Wanted Fish owns a list of fish species. With a diverse number of species, inspired by the actual ocean. Each fish is designed in its own impressive style. Expressed through style, as well as color. Along with that, the resource value of each species will not be the same. Hunting rare fish will help you earn a large number of resources. Moreover, it increases the interesting experience when participating. The developer also added some new fish species for you to discover.

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