Walk Master 1.56 MOD Unlimited Coins APK
Walk Master MOD APK 1.56

Walk Master 1.56 MOD Unlimited Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Walk Master
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Two Men and a Dog
Size 106MB
Latest Version 1.56
MOD Unlimited Coins
Category Action
Price FREE

Walk Master is an exciting adventure where you accompany wild animals on challenging levels. Your mission is to overcome obstacles with two wooden braces, uncover the mysteries of the forest and unlock the endless walk. The criterion of this game is that there must be mistakes to win. Therefore, you do not need to hesitate to fall to gain experience for the next trip. The characters you can play are very cute and funny animals. And the forest you pass through is a beautiful and poetic natural landscape. Enjoy it all in your journey. You will have a chance to collect rewards and unlock more in the future.

Walk Master – Walking adventure with lots of challenges!

This game is quite similar to the endless running game genre because the gamer’s task is also to overcome obstacles to score points. But it has many differences that make it stand out. First, the speed of the game is quite slow because you have to move on two wooden braces. Therefore, regardless of the speed of running faster and faster, what you need to pay attention to is the obstacles on the road. Next, instead of swiping left, right, up, and down, you just click and release your finger on the screen. So, in terms of controls, this game is quite easy to approach. Besides, this game also causes sympathy from the beginning with a fun cartoon design style. Plus the soothing music, the experience is truly relaxing.


Explore more than 500 different levels

So far, the game has had hundreds of levels with creative challenges. Each level is an arduous journey where your goal is to reach the finish line safely. You will control your character to move with two wooden braces. But to move forward, you need to know how to take advantage of the obstacles along the way. You can prop up wooden beams, suspension bridges, use levers, cliffs, and more. But things are not so simple, because there are many obstacles that make you stop at any time. The mills with their long blades, the monkeys that are always ready with the stones, the annoying kangaroos, and more will make you mad. But after each failure, you will learn how to overcome any obstacle. Therefore, the more you fail, the higher your chances of winning.

After reaching the destination safely, you have the right to unlock new levels. Of course, the challenges will not repeat again but change completely. The obstacles you encounter may be familiar, but now their location is different. They also become more annoying as the game has upgraded the difficulty of the challenges. Therefore, you need to play more carefully and not be too surprised if you fail. Take this as an opportunity to prove yourself. The number of levels you pass will be the most important achievement. You can compare that achievement with your friends on the online leaderboard.


Unlock new characters and maps

The characters you can play in Walk Master are funny animals. They are found in the jungle and can be unlocked over time. They can be a pink pig, a mouse, a sheep, a mischievous boy, or a girl. Each character has no special skills, so victory or defeat depends on the player’s skills. But with unique skins, the character system is a big motivator for you to play, hunt for bounty and unlock them all.

Besides the character, you can also unlock a rich map system. It is verdant forests, cold snowy lands, or sunny and windy deserts. Each map offers a different landscape and new challenges to explore. So your journey is also richer and richer, providing endless inspiration. Travel through many lands and discover the stories there, why not?


Funny cartoon design

Everything in the game is simulated in a cartoon style. It brings colorful friendly images, from wildlife and people to natural landscapes. The game scene is always bright and poetic. The character image is funny, the motion effects are also very funny. Besides, the music is always light and joyful, bringing relaxation to gamers in every adventure journey. Those are great things that you shouldn’t miss.


Don’t hesitate to embark on a fun walking adventure in Walk Master. Levels with a series of creative challenges will help test your talent. Going through rocks, gaps, and rough terrain with two wooden braces wasn’t easy. But make an effort to discover many new things before your eyes and unlock all the beautiful skins, characters, and maps.

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