Vikings II 2.9 MOD Lots of Money, Gems, Coins, Remove Ads APK
Vikings II MOD APK 2.9

Vikings II 2.9 MOD Lots of Money, Gems, Coins, Remove Ads APK

By Hai Nam April 19, 2024 (2 days ago)
Name Vikings II
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Criss Cross Games
Size 45MB
Latest Version 2.9
MOD Unlimited Money, Gems, Coins, NO ADS
Category Action
Price FREE

Become a Viking in Vikings II. Ready to participate in fierce battles in levels. From there carry out the task of destroying prehistoric monsters. Protect yourself so you can survive the dangers. Conquer every challenge to enter the legendary temple of Valhalla. This is a game of the action genre, the content is based on the theme of archery. Open up a vast fantasy world with countless challenges waiting ahead. Role-play as a Viking character to use weapons to attack enemies. Through it will have the opportunity to explore many new environments. As well as being able to collect resources to use to enhance their superior combat ability.

Introduce about Vikings II – With Vikings Against Prehistoric Monsters!

The Viking in the game is an archer. Has the ability to attack from a distance to deal physical damage. As each level takes place, the character will automatically move forward. At the same time, it will fire an unlimited number of arrows to destroy the enemy. That process requires your support to avoid the dangers. There must be no collision or impact on the monsters. Because that will cause you to lose your life and the journey must end soon. Accordingly, it will rely on the joystick touch control mechanism to support the character. Can move freely in his own way to avoid dangers that lead to loss of life.Vikings II MOD

Hundreds of levels

Follow the story of the game to complete the mission. Through hundreds of levels fighting prehistoric monsters. Vikings will have no support from teammates, instead will have to fight them all alone. Move on the tracks with waves of attacking enemies. They attack in a variety of ways to take lives. In order to survive, you will have to constantly shoot arrows and dodge attacks. After destroying all enemies to survive to the last point. From there will complete the quest in one level. At the same time, based on the difficulty of the task, you will receive gold coins with the corresponding amount.Ear Vikings II MOD

Difficulty increases with new quests

Continue to the next level of Vikings II. The difficulty of the mission will increase with new challenges to be faced. The number of monsters in the attack waves increased more than before. At the same time, their capabilities are improved. Even more powerful monsters may appear. Sometimes even facing bosses in a challenging 1vs1 fight. But besides that, there will be opportunities to explore many new lands when reaching certain levels. Examples include icy cold regions, arid deserts, and high cliffs. Depending on the region, different weather and environmental conditions will be recreated.Introduce about Vikings II MOD

Powers that aid in battle

The process takes place on a journey against prehistoric monsters. Vikings also have the opportunity to collect many different powers. They are represented by symbols such as arrows, flames, shields, and magnets. Each element when collected will bring a special ability of its own. For example, the flame will increase damage to arrows for superior attack. Arrows will increase in number, each time shooting many arrows, and can attack a wide area. The defensive shield will protect itself for a short period of time. Or magnets that can attract things appear to be randomly dropped from monsters.

Power Upgrading

Use the money earned after going through the battle levels. It is possible to upgrade “powers” ​​to increase abilities. Aim to overcome challenges that get harder and harder as you reach the next level. Includes upgrade weapon power and fire rate. Along with value for money and earnings over time. Each type of upgrade will bring its own benefits. For example, upgrading the power and speed of the weapon will improve the combat power during the attack. Besides, it should be noted that after each upgrade, the amount to use the next time will increase.Vikings II MOD

Experiencing the wars in Vikings II at LMHAPKSS will face many different enemies. They are all prehistoric monsters. Examples include Odin, Dragons, Fenrirs, Demon, Kraken, Giants, Trolls, and many more. Each type of monster will attack in its own way. They can charge forward to deal direct damage or use magic to attack from a distance. Moreover, he had to face the fierce attack from the monster boss. Not only the large size, but the attack ability is also outstanding and fierce.

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