Vikings: an Archer’s Journey 2.6.11 MOD Lots of Money APK
Vikings: an Archer's Journey MOD APK 2.6.11

Vikings: an Archer’s Journey 2.6.11 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 11, 2024 (4 days ago)
Name Vikings: an Archer's Journey
Requires Android 4.3
Size 31MB
Latest Version 2.6.11
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Action
Price FREE

Accompany Nott on an adventure at Vikings: an Archer’s Journey. Set in a fantasy world in the Nordic era. Based on the story of the wrath of the Viking gods. They sent brave heroes to hell to punish monsters. The battles between heroes and monsters take place fiercely. But the outcome of the battle gradually favored the minions led by the evil boss. Because many heroes have fallen to protect the world. Facing the terrifying power of the enemy made them unable to resist. One by one, the fallen heroes will have new ones to rise up. Accordingly, you will accompany the archer Nott on a journey against fearsome enemies to protect the land.

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Follow the content of the game to open a challenging journey. The gameplay is a combination of endless running and archery to attack. Accordingly, you will have to lead the archer Nott to overcome all challenges on the way. Face the monster’s enemies and destroy them to keep moving forward. There is also the opportunity to receive support from some heroes who have participated in previous battles. They will help Nott complete the difficult task and achieve the goal. But in return, the heroine will have to help them get out of hell to live again.Vikings- an Archer's Journey MOD

The gameplay takes place

The gameplay mechanism of the game is designed to be intuitive, optimizing usage to bring the best experience. Right at the start of the journey, the system will guide you in detail about each operation. Accordingly, the heroine Nott will move on her own and move forward. You just need to tap to jump up, from there to dodge or move to new terrain. Combined with touch, drag and adjust the shooting angle to perform arrow shooting action. From there attack the monsters that appear in front to open the way. The archery process will not limit the number of arrows. However, it will require your accuracy and skill to go further in the journey.Game Vikings- an Archer's Journey MOD

Diverse quest system

Adventure follows the story of Vikings: an Archer’s Journey. There will be many different tasks to perform. Includes shooting arrows to kill 5 enemies, successfully shooting 6 enemies in headshots, and hitting 5 special targets. Or move with a minimum distance of 100 meters or more. Collect support items and use them to attack a specified number of times. There are many other quests that will be opened in turn each time a new journey is started. The difficulty also increases from there with difficult challenges waiting ahead. For example, the number of enemies to shoot down during the journey will be larger. Or have to travel longer distances than before.Tai Vikings- an Archer's Journey MOD

Randomly generated levels and achievements

The game’s mission system is randomly generated according to each level. Each level opens an adventure, giving the system 3 specific conditions to fulfill. In that process, you can go with the archer Nott to move unlimited distances. But it is necessary to complete the given tasks to be able to receive more rewards. Because achievements after finishing a journey are also based on many other categories. Includes the number of enemies killed, headshots, special archery, combos generated and total score gained. Based on that can level up to continue on to the randomly generated adventure on the next turn.

Collect and use power-ups

The process that takes place can collect various powers and directly use. For example, slow down time, increase the number of arrows fired per turn, explosives, and others. Each type of power will bring a special ability of its own. For example slowing down time will make everything move in slow motion. From there you can observe and pinpoint the target to attack. Or explosives after being collected, on the next turn of the arrow will create an explosion with a wide radius. Causes all enemies in the explosion area to be destroyed.Download Vikings- an Archer's Journey MOD

In the journey at Vikings: an Archer’s Journey. There will be many difficult challenges to overcome. Challenging terrain and dangerous traps are randomly generated. For example wormholes, walls in the way, and much more. Need to jump over, if you collide or fall, you will lose your life. Along with that is the appearance of monsters. They attack in different ways. Can stand waiting for you to come close or throw the flame from a distance. It is necessary to shoot arrows to destroy because even being attacked or even touched will immediately lose your life.

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