Verdun 1.0 APK For Android
Verdun MOD APK 1.0

Verdun 1.0 APK For Android

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Name Verdun
Requires Android 7.0
PublisherAli Hegazy
Latest Version1.0
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Based on the historical story of the first world war. Publisher Ali Hegazy converted it into a Verdun game. This is an action shooting game. Unleash the battles with attractive gameplay. Revolving around the competition between soldiers of two factions on the battlefield. The game is built in the first-person shooter style. Promises to recreate the competition honestly. Not stopping there, many unique features are used. Helping every player participating will fully enjoy every moment. From realistic sound effects are simulated impressively. To realistic graphics, through the scenes. Diverse gun systems to choose from and use. The control interface is designed to be intuitive.

Verdun – Real-Time Competition Between Two Factions!

The plot of Verdun is taken from the historical story of the world. Revolving around the first war took place extremely bloody. The game is set on the Western front, with a timeline from 1914 to 1918. During that time, the battle of 1916 was played out extremely fiercely. With the onslaught between the forces of the factions. Many people had to lie down on the battlefield. This has been the main inspiration for the manufacturer to simulate a game. More specifically, the scene that takes place will be reproduced very realistically. From the soldiers fighting to the costumes they wore. As far as body movements. Move and run across the terrain to fight enemies. The same gruesome gore scenes when being hit. Promises to bring a very real battle.Game Verdun

The gameplay takes place, and the mission

The battle in Verdun unfolds in real-time gameplay. Each battle with the participation of 64 players. Divided into two factions, team fighting style. The gunmen on the battlefield will attack to destroy. One of the soldiers participated in the battle. You will have to coordinate with your teammates to destroy the enemy. Over time will have to perform the required task. Each match lasts until the flag is moved from the center of the battlefield to a certain position. Or the entire force of either faction is completely annihilated. No one survived on the battlefield to carry out the mission. To be able to win against the enemy. You need to support each other with your teammates. Hold the flag to the position given to the plant. In the process, it will combine with destroying the enemy.Tai Verdun

Strategy, skills

From a first-person perspective to participating in the war in Verdun. Play as an allied gunfighter. You will have to compete to survive on a vast battlefield. Can move freely to deploy your own strategy. As well as personal attacks. The main goal is to find a place to plant the flag. In the process will encounter a lot of enemies. Similar to you, they are also equipped with modern weapons. Use ranged assault guns. To destroy, it is necessary to quickly detect and fire. At the same time, react quickly and handle dangerous situations flexibly. Take advantage of the terrain to hide when under fierce attack. At the same time in some environments, the air is contaminated. It is necessary to quickly use a gas mask to continue the fight.Verdun

Various types of guns

During the war of Verdun. The soldiers between the two factions used a variety of guns. They are all inspired by reality, based on historical battle references. Each gun has its own attack style. There are several types such as pistols, long guns, rifles, and many more. Their strength is shown through the parameters. Including the number of bullets, the range of fire, the damage dealt, and the reload time after each use up. To effectively exploit the capabilities of each gun owned. Detailed technical specifications are required. Also, test in a battle to see how effective it is. From there choose a gun that suits your attack style to fight.Verdun

According to the publisher provided about the game mode of Verdun. There are 5 different modes for you to experience. Each mode builds its own rules. With attractive gameplay, use many unique features. Help every player be immersed in extremely realistic battles. But when participating will have to ensure compliance with the required conditions. Besides, no matter which mode you participate in, you must have skills. Observe the environment and the ongoing situation. Use the gun to shoot bullets, and accurately attack the enemy. From there destroy and protect yourself to continue performing the mission.

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