Vandals 1.1.4 MOD Full Paid APK
Vandals MOD APK 1.1.4

Vandals 1.1.4 MOD Full Paid APK

Written by Hai Nam (21 hours ago)
Name Vandals
Requires Android 8.0
PublisherARTE Experience
Latest Version1.1.4
MOD Full Paid
Price FREE $6

Inspired by street art. Opens up a puzzle game, called Vandals. This is a paid game, requiring users to use a certain amount of money to be able to experience it. Promises to bring extremely interesting times. The content of the game is a combination of art drawing and puzzles. Play as a street vandal, your mission is to run away from the supervisors. They are the police and followed by the dog, performing the task of ensuring street security. Your aim is to paint on the wall, then run away from the chase. Besides, a series of interesting features are provided by the system. There is a chance to explore the quest by levels. Learn about the cities, taking place in many different locations. At the same time, it is possible to obtain excellent titles on vandals.

Vandals – Draw Art And Escape From The Supervisor!

Play as a vandal in the game Vandals. You live in a city. Specializes in performing art painting actions on the walls. Create a unique painting to increase the vibrancy of the city. But that action is considered illegal. So it was monitored by police forces and sniffer dogs. They will find ways to arrest and stop your actions. An art-based chase is recreated in the form of a level. With more than 60 levels in ascending order. Your mission is to escape the police chase. Before that, however, it was necessary to complete the painting on the street. After the quest ends, fulfill the required condition. It is possible to start the quest at the next level. The number of supervisors will increase, facing more difficult challenges.Vandals

Gameplay, path system

The process of performing tasks in the game levels of Vandals. The scene unfolds in a miniature city. Based on turn-based gameplay. You and your supervisor will move each turn. The roads show the moving system. Shown in different colors, including blue and red. In which, the green arrow is the moving path you can go. The red arrow belongs to the path of the supervisors. You need to observe their direction of movement. From there, avoid avoiding being caught. The target moves towards the hat icon. There will be a place for you to draw art. Create a street painting in your own style. As soon as the painting is completed. Your location will be discovered, the supervisors will come. It is necessary to quickly find a way to proceed to the exit.Ear Vandals

Difficulty level, explore 5 cities

The difficulty of the mission in Vandals is increasing day by day. In addition to facing a larger number of supervisors than before. The roads that can be moved will be gradually narrowed. Making it very difficult for you to find a safe direction. To be able to paint an art picture on the street. Need to calculate carefully, and move smart. Limit making noise so as not to attract attention. Through the levels play that. You will have the opportunity to explore 5 different cities. Each city is recreated on a unique map. The same system of moving paths will be changed according to each level. In particular, it is not only the police and the dog that belong to the monitoring force. There were also guardians, who were also tasked with maintaining order in the city.Game Vandals

Make a sound

To complete the mission as soon as possible. You can take action to distract attention. This causes the surveillance force in Vandals to move in a different direction. By moving to collect glass bottles. Use to throw at any location on the street to make a sound. As soon as the sound is heard, the monitoring force will move to check. At that time, many new paths will be opened. Or have a chance to escape when in danger. Besides, sometimes you will encounter some interesting situations. The policeman may fall asleep during work. But they blocked the way to the exit. Now you need to wake them up with the whistle. But before that, find a suitable place to stand so as not to be detected.Vandals

In the process of performing art painting activities at Vandals. Relying on your own creativity, it is possible to draw the desired picture. For example, create text, draw emoticons,… Or draw shapes of animals. More specifically, the game provides a diverse drawing system. With different paint colors for you to use. Including black, red, yellow, blue,… there are some other paint colors. Depending on your creativity, you can combine many paint colors. Create a unique painting on the street.

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