Underground 2077 1.0.51 MOD Lots of Money, Silver APK
Underground 2077 MOD APK 1.0.51

Underground 2077 1.0.51 MOD Lots of Money, Silver APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Underground 2077
Requires Android 4.4
Latest Version1.0.51
MOD Unlimited Money, Silver
Price FREE

Underground 2077 is a shooting game built in the future when the world is filled with zombies and monstrous monsters. Humans are facing the most urgent situation ever. And you are not outside the fate of being surrounded and attacked by enemies. You will have to stand them up against the mutants in the New York subway. Choose your favorite gun and gear and show off your top shooting skills. You can aim, shoot and continue your journey through many of the darkest areas of the desolate underworld. A moment of inattention will take your life, so you only have one choice. Are you ready to fight and survive?

Underground 2077 – Survival war against zombies!

The game context is not new but is depicted more meticulously and deeply. That’s why this game still attracts a large number of fans. It brings you into a large-scale campaign where you must fend off zombies and the fury of mutants. You are humanity’s last hope with the mission to pave the way for people to find a way out of the gloomy darkness that covers everywhere. This campaign is expressed through missions in two modes, Single and Multiplayer. As such, you can fight alone or co-op with friends and survive together. Your journey will stretch along the tunnels in New York. Enemies will be more and more crowded and powerful, find ways to upgrade your strength.


Take part in the large-scale campaign

Whichever mode you choose, it’s a super campaign for you. Each mode has a detailed story-based mission system, giving you many challenges from simple to complex. In each mission, you need to kill all the zombies before they turn you into a walking corpse. You will do it with the support of advanced guns and equipment. But you need to know how to use them in battle. Specifically, you will control the hero with a joystick and click virtual buttons to attack. You can aim, shoot, change ammo, use grenades, and change guns. Besides, a small map in the left corner of the screen will help you locate and detect the target.

The most important thing is how you will combine these actions to complete the assigned task. The game allows you to freely move your way, while hordes of zombies will randomly appear from every corner. They can come from ship doors, jump down from above, and in the darkest tunnels. You need to look at the map regularly to know where they are. Then your job is to find them or prepare a defense plan when they come. The strategic element is also very important in this long battle. Remember, your HP is the limit. You need to act quickly, decisively, and strategically.


Unlock weapons and map areas

Underground 2077 gives you a great arsenal of weapons, including main weapons and secondary weapons. You can choose your own weapon from a selection of pistols to rifles, SMGs, machine guns, shotguns, and more. In each gun category, you’ll find dozens of options. Besides, each gun can also be upgraded by replacing accessories, thereby improving the damage and recoil of the gun. In addition to guns, gamers can also carry grenades and many other equipments. And of course, you always need to equip with a hat, armor, and shoes. That’s how you upgrade your shooter.

With better power, you will have a higher chance to complete the assigned tasks. Then you have the right to unlock new missions that take place in new areas. You can go through gloomy subways, underground tunnels, train stations, railways, and more. The enemy system is also increasingly diverse, from human mutants to strange and crazy monsters. The image of zombies in this game is very creative and rich.


Realistic design, vivid effects

Not only the gameplay, but this game also impresses gamers thanks to its graphic design. It vividly depicts the underworld scene in New York with images of zombies and warriors of various appearances. The details in the background environment are also extremely sharp and realistic. The effects of shooting, moving, gore, and more are all very vivid. Along with that, the charismatic and thrilling background music also contributes to creating the heat for your long-term battle for survival.


Underground 2077 will not disappoint you with its new survival gameplay. While it still retains the usual survival features, you will find it more creative in the way it is created, context, and control mechanism. Therefore, this is a survival experience that is both close and new. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy it on your phone.

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