Ultimate Robot Fighting 1.5.112 MOD Lots of Money APK
Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK 1.5.112

Ultimate Robot Fighting 1.5.112 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (17 hours ago)
Name Ultimate Robot Fighting
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
Size 66MB
Latest Version 1.5.112
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Sport
Price FREE

Join the action battles between robots in Ultimate Robot Fighting. This is a game in the category of sports games. Built-in team play, combined with resistance. Open up the battles in the dramatic arena. Your mission is to assemble a team of robot warriors. Compete against the opposing team in a 3vs3 match. Unleash the power of each warrior to defeat the enemy. Aim to dominate the arena to win noble titles. Besides, you need to be careful while playing. Although the game is free to download and experience. But there will be some items that require payment. To disable this feature, simply disable purchases in the game’s settings.

Introduce about Ultimate Robot Fighting – 3vs3 Battle Between Robot Warriors!

Gather a team of robots to participate in 3vs3 matches of Ultimate Robot Fighting. The gameplay is played in a 1vs1 fighting style. One by one, the robot warriors of the two teams will appear in the arena. Attack each other with personal strength. After the battle begins, it will only stop until all the robot warriors of either team are defeated. At the same time, the remaining team will win. To be the champion team in 3vs3 arena battles. Your robot team needs to defeat the opposing faction’s robot warriors. After winning, you will receive a lot of attractive rewards. Includes money and experience points for the robots to accumulate, which can reach new levels. There is also a chance to receive a robot card.Tai Ultimate Robot Fighting

Combine skills in battle

The battles in Ultimate Robot Fighting take place in real-time. Throughout the game. Your task is to control the robot flexibly. Create attacks with high precision to make opponents take a lot of damage. By combining observing the opponent’s movements and using attack skills. At the same time, you can freely choose the robot in the squad to change the fighting style. Moreover, the attacks will accumulate energy. During the battle, each robot possesses 3 special skills. After the energy is full, it is possible to release the power to create powerful combos. Causes enemy robots to take massive damage from you. Then quickly defeat the opposing team to end the fight.Ultimate Robot Fighting

Achievements, currency

After winning the matches of Ultimate Robot Fighting. Based on the achievements your robot team has achieved. Shown by the time to complete the match, the total amount of damage done. The system will display detailed parameters of each robot in the team. From there will receive a lot of different rewards. In which, money is the main factor, helping you to make shopping transactions. The game has two main currencies, including gold and silver coins. Each currency is used for its own purchases. Gold coins are of the rarer type, through events you will have the opportunity to earn them. Money is a common type, which can be used to unlock new robot warriors. Or buy different types of equipment to improve the robot’s abilities.Game Ultimate Robot Fighting

More than 45 robots

Unleash over 45 different fighting robots in Ultimate Robot Fighting. With such a diverse robot system, you can recruit your favorite warriors. Add to the squad to create the most powerful robot team. Robot warriors are inspired by gods, samurai, ninjas, gladiators, monks,… There are some names like Bubbles, Hazmat, Zero-G, Kawaii, Ghost Face,… and more and more. The strength of the robot warriors is shown through the parameters. Including damage, health, defense, and level. Go through battles to accumulate experience points. Each time a new level is reached, the power stats will be increased. At the same time through the upgrade, the power of the robot is also improved.Introduce about Ultimate Robot Fighting

Experience the Ultimate Robot Fighting game in an authentic way. Through graphics designed on the 3D platform. High quality and very realistic image reproduction. The shape of robot warriors with many impressive styles. The flexible movement is expressed through attacks and moves. Along with the surroundings in the battles. Recreated in many different contexts. Simultaneously, the simulated effects and sounds are very vivid. Based on each action of the robot and when using skills. The effects of the attacks are extremely beautiful. Along with the sound is reproduced very impressive.

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