U Dictionary 6.6.7 MOD VIP Unlocked APK
U Dictionary MOD APK 6.6.7

U Dictionary 6.6.7 MOD VIP Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (5 days ago)
Name U Dictionary
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Talent Education Inc
Size 46MB
Latest Version 6.6.7
MOD VIP Unlocked
Category Education
Price FREE

U Dictionary is the best dictionary app on Google Play. With this application, you can look up the dictionary and translate text into more than 100 different languages ​​in the world. Not only translating manually entered text, but the application also translates voice recordings and images. Just take a clear picture and get a perfectly translated version in your desired language. Besides, you can also translate conversations for easier communication. The application is also integrated into messengers for you to communicate with foreigners. You can even translate text offline.

U Dictionary – Free dictionary and translation tool!

Communicating in another language is more convenient than ever thanks to apps like U Dictionary. This application has more than 100 million users in more than 150 countries around the world. The above achievements are enough to prove the attractiveness of this free translator. With just an app on your phone, you can translate any language. From there, you can take advantage of it to learn foreign languages, chat with foreigners, translate signs, signs, etc. Thus, this is a must-have tool when traveling abroad.


Translate with more than 100 languages

To date, this application has been supported in more than 108 languages. Among them, there are popular languages such as English, Dutch, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Thai, Danish, and even Vietnamese. In particular, for each language, the application will update many appropriate language forms. For example, for English, it has English – UK and English – US. For the Chinese, there are Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. The accuracy of the translated versions is unquestionable.

In addition, this application will support online and offline translation. If you are online, you can translate into more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, if you are offline, you can only translate more than 58 supported languages. For image translation, the application has the ability to recognize more than 12 languages. For dialogue translation, more than 35 languages and 49 accents will be translated, including English, Vietnamese, French, and Chinese. You can see how good the translation ability of this application is.


Enjoy unlimited translations

Not only supports many languages, but U Dictionary also has the ability to translate multi-form. Specifically:

Translate through images: You just need to put your phone camera on any object to take a photo. You will then get a translation into the language you want. This feature will help users translate signs, signage, restaurant names, bus stop names, etc. Therefore, if traveling abroad, this application is an indispensable tool.

Translate conversations: If you want to check in at a hotel or ask for directions but don’t know the language in that country, this app can help. Just type in your native language, then see the translation and pronunciation of the target language. You can also play the dialogues for others to hear. From there, the language barrier will be partially removed to help you communicate more easily.

Translate “magic”: This feature helps you to communicate via messengers. Just integrate this application, and you can comfortably write in your native language, then send messages in any language. In addition, the application also helps users check vocabulary and grammar errors when writing.


Learning foreign languages is easier

U Dictionary is not only a translator application but also an effective learning tool. On this application, you can search for words and translate and save words to the library. At the same time, you have the right to pin vocabulary to the lock screen to review anytime, anywhere. The autocorrect feature for grammar and vocabulary also helps you learn more about foreign languages. Or the pronunciation feature will be useful for you to practice listening and speaking.


Tap to use

Using this application is actually quite simple. You just need to touch the screen to use all available features. Moreover, the interface design is not too fussy but very intuitive and bright. As a result, all information and features are clearly displayed, making it easy for users to find and use. In particular, the translation feature works quite well and gives fast results within 1 second. Therefore, you will not encounter any obstacles in the process of interpreting or communicating with others.

All in all, U Dictionary is the tool you should have on your device. This app will help you in many situations with its perfect translator feature. You will need it when you want to look up vocabulary, translate text, translate images or certain recordings, communicate and text with foreigners, etc. It will also become an effective support tool for learning. your language set.

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