Turmoil 3.0.60 MOD Unlocked All APK
Turmoil MOD APK 3.0.60

Turmoil 3.0.60 MOD Unlocked All APK

By Hai Nam April 1, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Name Turmoil
Requires Android 5.0
Size 121MB
Latest Version 3.0.60
MOD Unlocked All
Category Casual
Price FREE

Turmoil MOD APK is an oil mining simulation game that also recreates building a great oil economy for you. The game recreates the 19th century in North America, which was in a period of economic crisis and oil was the only thing to revive the economy. This game describes in detail the operating process in the oil industry, from discovering, exploiting and transporting oil to different parts of the world. Besides, you can even participate in the stock market with potential investments in this industry. And there’s no telling when you might become the richest person in the world. The game brings you many trustworthy companions. Choose the right playing strategy to capture the oil market and turn it into the most profitable thing in your hands. As a tycoon in the oil industry, have you ever thought about it? To bring you the most impressive views and become an easy open oil making master, Turmoil 3.0.60 MOD VIP, Unlock All APK will definitely not disappoint you. It will help you succeed in that construction process.

Introducing Turmoil – Build and manage an oil empire

As you may know, North America in the 19th century was home to an unprecedented oil boom. And if you want to know more about it, join Turmoil. This game is a simple yet detailed and intuitive simulator. It gives you the opportunity to get deeply involved in the oil industry and all it has to offer. Although this field is quite picky about players, you will easily approach it thanks to the optimal gameplay and interface. You just click on the screen to make a decision and see its effectiveness. Besides, the game is designed with a classic style, making you feel like you are immersing yourself in the history of the 19th century. And this is the best and most relaxing way to learn about Oil right on your phone.


Choose a trustworthy companion

When starting out, Turmoil MOD gives you a few character options. There are 4 different options, including Blanche, Joshua, Rircado and Daisy. Each character has its own abilities, which will determine your business strategy in the future. So, learn carefully about each one before making a decision. Who is the right character for your personality and business strategy?

Blanche: She is a mature lawyer with a high number of years of experience. This is a character that can help you a lot in making business decisions.

Joshua: A nomadic herdsman who has traveled to dozens of different locations. He’s like a great dowser who helps you find underground oil sources.

Rircado: An elderly wizard who wants to devote the rest of his life to oil-related activities.

Daisy: A young girl with an interest in oil at the time of a global oil rush. She has smart strategies and knows how to flex her strategy to react to market conditions.


Operate activities in the oil industry

It’s great that Turmoil has so realistically simulated what’s related to the oil industry. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to witness and participate in each activity in its operating process. Initially, with useful equipment such as scanners or dowsing experts, you could find oil sources deep underground. Then you need to build a network of pipelines to get the oil to the surface. Oil will be transported by ship or specific means of transportation. And they will be sold to different countries for gas.

You can make a lot of money from oil trading. But choose the best possible price and a good lead. Besides, you need to compete on price with your competitors. Don’t forget to upgrade your technologies to improve mining capabilities. You will need new oil drills, drilling machines and equipment like sweepers and more. Also, explore the stock market for yourself where you can buy stocks for the oil industry. As the value of oil increases, you will earn more money from your stocks. It is the fastest way to get rich.


Simple and intuitive interface

The game is designed with a classic graphic style. It simulates operations in the oil industry visually on the phone’s landscape screen. Thanks to that, you will easily observe all activities from underground oil exploitation, transportation, oil trading and more. The information is displayed visually and just click to decide to buy or sell stocks. In particular, with a rather dark main color scheme, the game creates the feeling of a friendly classic experience. And the music is wonderful with gentle, melodious tunes.

What features does Turmoil’s MOD APK have?

  • Unlock them all

Everything you need to upgrade and unlock is already supported in this version. Everything has been unlocked for you to use. For example, machines, oil extraction areas, etc. This vip mod version really gives you that significant support.

Download game Turmoil APK MOD VIP, Unlocked Everything for Phone

Conclusion: Download Turmoil MOD APK 3.0.60 to own the unlocked features of everything in this game for Android phones completely free and start experiencing it right now. It is a great place for you to explore the world’s oil industry. Come here and show your business strategy to become the largest oil investor in North America. You can participate in every activity from mining to transporting oil and buying and selling stocks in the market. Wise decisions will help you become rich soon.

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