Trucker Joe 0.2.34 MOD Lots of Money APK
Trucker Joe MOD APK 0.2.34

Trucker Joe 0.2.34 MOD Lots of Money APK

By Hai Nam April 14, 2024 (6 days ago)
Name Trucker Joe
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Sundrum Development
Size 26MB
Latest Version 0.2.34
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Trucker Joe is a truck-driving simulation game. When participating can play in offline mode. Role-play as a driver to start performing the task. Your job is to drive a tractor truck and transport different goods in a sequence. The target transports the goods to the specified location to complete the job. From there will receive the amount corresponding to the shipping order value. The content of the game is played according to an interesting start-up story. Revolving around a truck driver named Joe. After leaving his previous job and using the accumulated capital to buy a used truck. Since then decided to become a driver to build a career from zero.

Download Trucker Joe MOD APK – Drive Trucks to Transport Goods to Locations

Follow the story of the game to carry out the task of transporting goods with Joe. The scene unfolds in a huge world. With a lot of manufacturing plants built in industrial zones. Accordingly, the profession of the truck driver will have a large amount of work to do. Through that will earn a lot of money to develop your career. Starting from zero with an old truck. Over time, gradually you will own a huge fortune through successful shipping orders. From there will have the opportunity to own many new vehicles. As well as being able to drive to explore many environments through different stages.Trucker Joe

Gameplay and rewards

Based on the gameplay of transporting goods by driving a truck. The process will take place in a sequence. Accompany driver Joe to receive orders from a company. Then move to the factory site to load the goods onto the truck. After enough weight will start to drive the transporter on the roads. Try to overcome rough terrain and steep hills to get to the designated pick-up point. Then lift the truck to dump the transported goods at the required location. From there will complete the work and receive the reward.

The reward received after completing a transport job is money. The amount of money received will be based on different criteria. Including the shipping distance in meters, the total weight of the goods, and the price. Through that will receive the bonus with the corresponding amount.Game Trucker Joe

Quest System

The system of cargo transportation tasks at Trucker Joe is very diverse. Through the shipping orders of factories in industrial zones. Each factory will give a specific quantity of different types of goods to be transported. For example, a fuel plant to operate will need commodities such as gold, coal, and wood. Or a food factory that needs fish, meat, and paper boxes. There are many other factories’ shipping orders waiting for you to fulfill. Depending on the factory, there will be specific requirements for the type and quantity of goods. You need to meet all the conditions that they offer to be able to develop your career.Tire Trucker Joe

Wide variety of goods

As a truck driver, you will have to carry many different types of goods to locations. Examples include coal, stone, gold, wood, gasoline, animals, and even excavator vehicles. There are many other types of goods that will be required to be transported during a driver’s career development. Accordingly, each type of good will have a different weight. At the same time, depending on each order, it will need to be transported over long distances. The challenge from the terrain will make it difficult to transport. But to be able to make money there will be no choice but to do it.

Unlock multiple truck vehicles

Completing the shipping of goods. You will accumulate money to buy new trucks. Here the game offers many different truck vehicles. They are designed based on real-life car models, produced by famous brands. The performance of each vehicle is shown through the parameters. From engine power, and torque to the maximum load that can be carried.Download Trucker Joe

The process of transporting goods in Trucker Joe. There will be an opportunity to drive the truck moving through many different environments. For example through the outskirts of the city, in the woods, slippery snowy roads and much more. Each environment is simulated with different weather and terrain conditions. Accordingly, it will bring difficult challenges when transporting goods. This will require your steering and control skills to be able to pass.

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