Truck Wars 0.58 MOD Shopping Without Money APK
Truck Wars MOD APK 0.58

Truck Wars 0.58 MOD Shopping Without Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Truck Wars
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Hoopsly FZE
Size 57MB
Latest Version 0.58
MOD Free Shopping
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Truck Wars is an online battleground where you can show your creativity to conquer all enemies. It is a simple and idle game, but highly tactical. Moreover, everyone involved in it has tremendous creativity to create real machines. Your job is to win all battles with your truck. Those are trucks made up of different parts. By winning, you can unlock tons of new parts to freely assemble according to your ideas. So, what do you need to win? Simply creativity. Exciting and fun battles are waiting for your visit. AI enemies with good abilities will make it difficult for you in the upcoming battles. See how far you can go.

Truck Wars – Build trucks and join the battlefield!

Those who love simple tactical games should try Truck Wars right away. It will satisfy gamers with its idle but highly addictive gameplay. This game requires no expert knowledge of trucks or combat skills. Instead, it will help you expand your creativity endlessly through truck building wars. Not only trucks, but you can even create any model you want from what is available. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to test that model in survival battles with AI. The online leaderboard is always busy. Where will you stand on it?


Show your creativity to assemble

Basically, the game consists of a sequential level system. At each level, your mission is to defeat the enemy to earn bonuses and unlock new levels. Before each battle, your job is to build and assemble trucks. You just need to touch the available parts on the screen, then drag them to the desired position. You don’t need to follow any guidelines when assembling, simply do what you want and think. Your achievement can be a car, truck, off-road vehicle, a chainsaw, and more. Each vehicle can include gear, shields, and of course weapons. Where would you install them most reasonably? Think of the perfect installations to make your vehicle a real killer on the battlefield.

Over time, your enemies will get stronger and stronger. You will encounter all kinds of vehicles and weapons from small to large ones. Enemy vehicle shapes are also getting more and more unique and richer. Therefore, you always need innovation in your design to take advantage. With the new parts, this will be easy for you to do. However, once the design is complete, you have a long way to go before winning. Click “Fight” to enter the battlefield right away. In the fight, you need to control your car wisely to defeat the enemy. The goal is to attack the driver’s position or push the enemy into the hole to pass the level.


Unlock new parts and maps

After winning stages in Truck Wars, you will receive bonuses. Use it to unlock even more parts and weapons needed to diversify your designs. You can unlock new shields, more squares, and more wheels. Besides, there are many types of weapons waiting for you to discover, including small guns, flamethrowers, circular saws, spears, arrows, and more. Your collection will grow richer as you level up. Therefore, do not hesitate to try new truck models and surprise your opponents with your limitless creativity.

Besides, the game also gradually unlocks new unique maps. It can be a land of ice, snow, oceans, deserts, plains, and more. Each scene has a unique color. At the same time, it affects the terrain of the battlefield, so it also affects your attack strategy. Sometimes, you can take advantage of cliffs for defense or wormholes to eliminate enemies. In addition, a little freshness in the landscape also contributes to creating a sense of excitement in each of your battles.


Simple and colorful design

As a regular game, it is not invested too much in graphics. But the simple design style is also a feature, making the brand of this game. Battlefield backgrounds are simply colored spaces. The image of battle trucks is designed from square blocks and simple modules. The combat effect is also quite ordinary, but the effect is amazing. Explosions or shooting are quite realistic when taking place on the phone screen.


So, go to the battlefield of Truck Wars to show your creativity. Swipe across the screen to assemble trucks or real fighting machines and conquer all wars, are you ready? Countless special modules are available for you to be creative with when assembling. But what is the best combination to make effective machines? Explore the game by yourself and find the answer.

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