Treasure hunter 1.123 MOD Unlimited Gold, Watch Gold, Reward Ad, Will Give x10000 Bonus Gold APK
Treasure hunter MOD APK 1.123

Treasure hunter 1.123 MOD Unlimited Gold, Watch Gold, Reward Ad, Will Give x10000 Bonus Gold APK

By Hai Nam April 7, 2024 (1 week ago)
Name Treasure hunter
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Ulab Games
Size 98MB
Latest Version 1.123
MOD Unlimited Gold, Watch Gold, Reward Ad, Will Give x10000 Bonus Gold
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Treasure hunter is a simulation game about searching for metal. Based on the plot of the game role-play as a metal detector. Having gone through many adventures to different lands in search of rare natural resources. Thereby performing different tasks with difficulties to overcome. Find out how to be able to detect metal hidden deep underground. This game is in the simulation catalog of the publisher Ulab Games. With many outstanding features for you to discover when joining. The graphics system is recreated in a bright world. To sound effects with fun background music. Incorporates intuitively designed controls for ease of use.

Download Treasure hunter MOD APK – Become a Metal Detector Under the Layers of Earth

Treasure Hunter’s story revolves around a metal detectorist. Use special equipment capable of detecting underground metal. From there, carry out resource search activities in many different areas. Accordingly, the craftsman traveled through many lands and collected a lot of rare metals. From the beautiful countryside of Eastern Europe to the quaint area under the name Moearchrskaya Sloboda. Now, the worker has come to the land of the gentle and kind people. From there began a new journey, searching for metal carelessly hidden under the layers of soil. With the desire to find rare and unknown resources.Treasure hunter MOD APK

Story-based quests

Become a metal detector in LMHAPKSS‘s Treasure hunter game. Perform quests based on the game’s plot. With many different challenges waiting for you to explore. Move through areas to detect metal. Meet and chat with the people who live there and listen to their stories. Then there will be a chance to know how many different metals appear on the land. However, the difficulty of the metal detector task will gradually increase. With more difficult challenges to overcome after coming to the new mission. Makes it hard to complete and find rare metals.Download Treasure hunter MOD

Over 250,000 items

According to the information provided in the introduction of Treasure hunter. There are currently 250 thousand different metal items. Through detection activities will have the opportunity to detect, whether they are hidden under the soil layers in many areas. For example, antique coins from 1899, antique clocks from the last century, old knives that have been rusted,… and many more. Each type of object will have its own story, which can be learned in detail after being found. Thereby you can choose to take or leave, depending on your decision. However, you can also look to NPC characters to trade. Depending on the value of the item, you will earn some money. From there, it can be accumulated to be used for trading activities.Treasure hunter MOD

How to detect metal

Perform metal detection activities in the game Treasure hunter. It will have to go through many different stages. Starting from using the device to detect, move slowly on the ground. Also monitor the signal column, when there is rhythmic movement with green display. From there will determine the location of the appearance of the metal. After that, you will have to use earthmoving equipment to dig. Over a period of time will randomly find a metal item. From there it is possible to know its value based on the estimated amount obtained after the sale.

Customize your character with costumes and accessories

The metal detector in Treasure hunter is a man. Through the money earned from selling found items. Can be used to customize the character with different equipment. From the game’s store, you will be able to buy many unique costumes—for example, the outfit of a soldier, a farmer or a man with a dusty style. There are many other costumes to be discovered after participating. Besides that, it is also possible to equip additional accessories such as backpacks, metal detectors, shovels, lights, weapons, and energy batteries. Each type has many different options. Depending on your design, from there select accessories to create a combination.Game Treasure hunter MOD

Treasure hunter game has many different metal detectors for you to use. But they are not entirely free, will have to be purchased in the store instead. For example DIY detector, Balalaika 150, Blalaika 250, Blalaika 350,… and many more. Here are some of the devices to be named, the rest are waiting for you to discover. Each device is uniquely designed with style, reflected in its component parts. The difference between them is also assessed through the ability to detect metals. But the amount to own will not be the same, for high-spec detectors will require a larger amount.

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