Travel Town 2.12.591 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Diamonds, Energy APK
Travel Town MOD APK 2.12.591

Travel Town 2.12.591 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money, Diamonds, Energy APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 hour ago)
Name Travel Town
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Magmatic Games LTD
Size 112MB
Latest Version 2.12.591
MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Energy
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Do you want to make a new exploratory adventure? Come to Travel Town and do this now. This game will bring you on a new journey in the tourist town. It contains interesting mysteries that you only know when you actually come here. Besides, it also has great merge puzzle boards with hundreds of unique items. Just touch and swipe on the screen to match items and create new things. You can then use them to rebuild destroyed buildings in the village. There are many other interesting missions that you should not miss. Meet the inhabitants of the village and go on a quest together.

Introduce about Travel Town – Adventure and enjoy the puzzle gameplay!

If you have no plans for a summer vacation, you should try playing Travel Town. It will lead you to a very meaningful summer vacation in the tourist town. This is where you and your group will discover a dreamy town. It covers many different areas from land to sea. Furthermore, there are dozens of friendly residents in this town. It will bring you funny stories and explore the town with you. What’s more interesting than this? Your adventure is even more exciting when combined with the fused puzzle mechanics. It’s simple but extremely addictive.


Merge unique items

The main content of the game revolves around the merge puzzle board. It will appear every time you have a new quest. Regarding the way to solve the puzzle, you just need to touch and match 2 similar items to create a new type of item. Next, you can continue 2 new items to create another type of item. Just like that, you will see interesting evolution through each merge. Everything on your puzzle board gets fresh and premium over time.

But what do you need to merge? Match the needs of the inhabitants of the town. They need different items to perform quests in the village. Sometimes it’s a scallop, a new plant, a small house, pearls, food, beverage… Each item has a certain meaning to the story of each resident. Match and fulfill their need to discover that story. There are more than 500 different items to match during your journey here.


Restore your town

As soon as you reach the town, you quickly realize it has just been through a storm. After this storm, almost everything in Travel Town was destroyed. The inhabitants of the village are working hard to restore it to its former beauty, and you should lend a hand too. To restore the town, you need to complete certain quests. And it’s time to join the merge puzzle board. After each mission, you will help residents restore buildings such as houses, fishing villages, boats, farms, and restaurants…

The process of restoring the town spans hundreds of different levels. In other words, it is a long-term job that requires effort and hard work. Along with the speed of town recovery, you will discover many places, meet many people, and uncover many mysteries. Thanks to that, the beauty of the town will be ingrained in your memory. When you leave it, you are sure to have a wonderful summer vacation here. A peaceful and beautiful town that will make you remember it forever.


Meet funny friends

There are more than 55 inhabitants living in the town in this game. Would you like to meet them all? Each is designed with a unique look, personality, profession, and story. Some are in the fishing team, while others are chefs, restaurant managers, botanists… So you will learn a lot of interesting things from their stories. Characters will be unlocked as you level up, thereby unlocking new content. They also have specific missions for you.


Cute cartoon images

A beautiful town comes to life in this game with a 2D design. It consists of many different areas and has beautiful buildings. Besides, town dwellers with funny appearances will make you amused. The puzzle boards are also very impressive when there are up to hundreds of unique items. In addition, the experience context is always bright and brilliant. You will look at it and enjoy other things in the background of soft and relaxing music.

MOD APK feature implemented of Travel Town

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Energy

In short, Travel Town is a great puzzle adventure game. It will take you on a real adventure in the beautiful town. If you are ready, join the game to start this exciting adventure right away. There are hundreds of quests exclusive to you on the fusion puzzle boards. Moreover, do you want to discover the true beauty of the town? Let’s go with its inhabitants through different parts of the dream town.

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