Train Taxi 1.4.30 MOD Unlimited Coins, Trains Unlocked APK
Train Taxi MOD APK 1.4.30

Train Taxi 1.4.30 MOD Unlimited Coins, Trains Unlocked APK

Written by Hai Nam (20 hours ago)
Name Train Taxi
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Size 36MB
Latest Version 1.4.30
MOD Trains Unlocked
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Train Taxi is a light and fun puzzle game where you will participate like a real train driver. You will start with a single carriage and have to pick up passengers along the way. With the number of passengers picked up, the train will be longer with new cars. And you need to observe the path to avoid a collision, go to the end and get the bonus. The gameplay is as simple as that, but you need to use your brain to play. The map is like a mysterious maze with unpredictable tracks. It will test your observation skills on each trip at each level. Along with soothing background music, the game will keep you entertained for hours. Puzzle and adventure through many different lands, are you ready?

Train Taxi – Transporting passengers by train!

Have you ever thought about this? You can become a train driver and earn money from transporting passengers. This gameplay is built on an interesting combination of train driving simulation and the classic snake hunting genre. It is both easy to play and relaxing, but also challenging. It currently has hundreds of unique levels to take you through a variety of maps from valleys to forests and deserts. On each ride, show your foresight to go as long as you can without a hitch. The more guests, the bigger the revenue. And you can become the richest train driver here. With the money earned, you will enjoy new skins during your travels.


Enjoy puzzle rides

If you’re ready, let’s start with the first level. It’s pretty easy to get across when your map is a square with only a single track. You will depart from the starting point, drive on straight roads, pick up passengers and drive them to the final point, so you have completed the level. But this does not happen in the next levels. In other words, the difficulty of the game will become more and more difficult with more detailed maps and more passengers. High-level maps are like mazes. They consist of many winding rails and are connected in various ways. So, if you want to drive safely, you will need to use your mind to think about the train path.

There are a few rules that you need to know if you want to get the maximum score in this game. First, collisions will lead to loss. Collisions are usually unlikely in the early stages when your train is short. But it’s very common when you pick up more passengers and own longer trains. You need to avoid touching the stern of your ship when going through the roads. Otherwise, you will have to start over from the beginning. Second, you don’t have to go through all the tracks on the map. Think about the right path to avoid collisions and receive the most passengers. The passenger density on the map is random. So every time you start a new level, you will have a whole new journey.


Unlock unique skins and maps

After completing some levels in Train Taxi, you will get 1 golden key. By collecting all 3 keys, you will have a chance to get a lucky chest. This chest usually gives you a lot of gold coins. Along with the gold received after each level, you will have enough money to unlock the things you like. Most typically, it’s skin. There are many unique skins for your train. Each skin has its own color and shape, bringing something new to the train driver. You can enjoy that in your travels at new levels.

Besides, the map of the game will change flexibly through the levels. You will see winding rails arranged in many ways at each level. It is this that creates the variety in the puzzle gameplay of this game. Moreover, the map landscape is also very diverse. You will have the opportunity to explore the vast desert full of sunshine and wind, the green grasslands, and even the snowy land all year round. The further you go, the more new landscapes appear. So you can feel like you are entering a never-ending train adventure.


Simple design, soft music

Everything in this game is very simple. What you see on the screen at each level is a map of the winding track, the surrounding landscape, a few passengers, and the train as the main character. But these are unique to each level. Moreover, the game scene is always filled with colorful colors, attracting your attention all the time. And the music is gentle and melodious melodies, making your mind clear and relaxed.

What’s better than this? Train Taxi will keep you hooked for a long time. It is no coincidence that this game has attracted millions of players. Now you can be the next person responsible for driving the train. Drive wisely to pick up all the passengers and reach the destination safely. The reward for you is a lot of bonuses and relaxation and fun.

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