Traffic Racer Russian Village 0.932 MOD Lots of Money APK
Traffic Racer Russian Village MOD APK 0.932

Traffic Racer Russian Village 0.932 MOD Lots of Money APK

Written by Hai Nam (3 hours ago)
Name Traffic Racer Russian Village
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Sad City, 17
Size 127MB
Latest Version 0.932
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Racing
Price FREE

Traffic Racer Russian Village is a driving game set in Russia. Become a racer to test your skills, as well as the performance of the vehicle. You will have to perform a lot of different jobs, as well as overcome difficult challenges. From there, prove yourself as a professional racer with flexible driving skills. Can successfully complete the mission and have the opportunity to discover many new tracks. Even more interesting when participating in the game, you will have the opportunity to experience racing in many different modes. At the same time enjoy 3D graphics that recreate the environment of the roads in Russia. Along with the realistic sound system will increase the enjoyment of driving.

Introduce about Traffic Racer Russian Village – Drive Over Vehicles On Russian Roads!

The game’s control interface is designed to be intuitive. During driving, the system will use arrow keys and virtual icons. Simultaneously display information and indicators of the vehicle when operating. Accordingly, left and right arrows are used for navigation. The brake and accelerator pedal icons will help you accelerate and slow down the vehicle. Rely on the touch-and-hold mechanism to operate the car on the road. You can easily use it right from the start of the game. In addition, information about the distance traveled and operating speed will be displayed for monitoring.Traffic Racer Russian Village

Gameplay and rules

Drive your car on a straight road with heavy traffic. There are many vehicles on the road. Includes cars, trucks, passenger cars, cargo vans, and more. Every car on the road will move at a different speed. At the same time, it will turn on the lane change signal at any time. Here your task is to avoid the vehicles to avoid the collision because that will cause an accident. The mission is to travel as far as possible. From there, prove your skills as a professional racer. It is possible to achieve excellent results with longer distances than in the previous race.

Achievements in each race will be reproduced according to the number of points. Based on the distance traveled, along with the stunts such as head-to-head with other vehicles. Then the score will increase more than normal overtaking. Accordingly, after the race ends, you will receive the amount of money corresponding to the achievements.Game Traffic Racer Russian Village

Game es

Based on the content of driving over vehicles of the Traffic Racer Russian Village game. Accordingly, many different modes are opened for you to experience. Includes normal mode, free mode, real-time and bomb mode. Each mode opens races according to its own gameplay. There are different rules given by the system, which need to be driven and followed. For example, in free mode, you can drive to see the beautiful scenery around on Russian roads. But in a real-time mode need to complete the progress until the time ends.

Coming to bomb mode will bring you interesting challenge. On the vehicle is a bomb attached, which will explode if the speed slows down. Accordingly, you need to constantly accelerate to move forward. If the race car is stopped by traffic, the speed will decrease. Then the bomb will explode and destroy your car.Tai Traffic Racer Russian Village

More than 40 vehicles

Own a diverse collection of racing cars for you to enjoy. With over 40 vehicles inspired by real cars. They are made by Russian or some German and American cars. There are a number of vehicles such as VAZ, UAZ, Ford, Mercedes and more. Each vehicle is designed differently, reflected in style and performance. Also can be customized and redesigned after owning. Through changing the original default paint color, improving parts. However, to own a new vehicle will need to use the money earned to buy it. Each vehicle will require different amounts.Introduce about Traffic Racer Russian Village

From the car races in Traffic Racer Russian Village. Have the opportunity to explore many different places. Those are roads designed based on large areas of Russia. For example, traveling through the dirt road of a village, passing through the center of a city or a rest stop. Each location is recreated in a different context. With the difference in surroundings and landscape. In parallel, there are environmental conditions of day, night and sunny and rainy weather.

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