Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle 1.5.78 MOD Unlimited Coins, Booster APK
Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle MOD APK 1.5.78

Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle 1.5.78 MOD Unlimited Coins, Booster APK

Written by Hai Nam (16 hours ago)
Name Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Gametamin PTE. LTD
Size 94MB
Latest Version 1.5.78
MOD Unlimited Coins, Booster
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle is a fun puzzle game with a traffic theme. Instead of playing normal puzzles, you will now solve traffic puzzles like a street cop. This game has hundreds of match-3 levels with diverse requirements. How will you solve them to score record points? Don’t forget that you will compete against other players on the leaderboard. So come up with the wisest puzzle strategies to score higher. Moreover, there are dozens of types of boosters that you should not miss. Use them to quickly solve your problem at each puzzle!

Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle – Solve puzzles and traffic jam problems!

Have you ever thought of becoming a street traffic cop? Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle will make this dream come true. Your mission is to solve traffic jam problems and collect wooden crates to clear the road, thereby supporting vehicles from cars to police cars, ambulances, and more. As you can see, you have quite a few different tasks. These quests will appear in puzzles, and you just need to know the match-3 rule to solve them.


Thousands of different puzzles

So far, this game has more than 4000 puzzle levels. In each level, you will have a puzzle board with the main character being different cars. Accompanied by a certain number of requirements and moves that the game gives you. Your job is to complete these requests within the available migration limit. In terms of puzzle gameplay, this game brings a few new features, different from the traditional match-3 gameplay. Instead of matching items on the puzzle board, you now only need one tap to create combos and score points.

Specifically, on the puzzle board, the vehicles and obstacles will be located in the center of the screen on grid cells. Around the board are arrows with 4 basic dimensions, left, right, top and bottom. You just need to click an arrow to place an available car on the nearest square in the specified direction. If you create a combo of 3 or more cars of the same color, they will disappear. Until you clear the puzzle board, you will complete the level. New levels will be unlocked, giving you a harder new challenge.


Unlock boosters, characters, and vehicles

Like many other puzzle games, Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle gives you unique boosters. They can help you solve the puzzle board quickly and score higher. There are popular boosters such as rainbow bus (helps you clear all cars in a straight line APK, crane truck (pick up any car from the puzzle board APK, … Accumulate points to open Lock many new boosters. It’s your chance to score high to move up the leaderboard.

Besides, the puzzles in this game also come with many funny stories. In these stories, you will meet characters like nurses, policemen, pilots, drivers, people, and more. Each character will have their own profession and skills. Also, don’t miss out on the most beautiful vehicle models to diversify your puzzle board. They can be cars, racing cars, fire trucks, police cars, and helicopters,… Each type of vehicle will perform its own role to solve problems on the street.


Discover a series of exciting events

In addition to the puzzles available in the normal mode, this game also has a series of events and other modes. You can find racing challenge mode, wheel of fortune, adventure mode, entertainment, minigames, and more. In particular, events will be held seasonally with super attractive rewards. There are outstanding events such as Christmas, Easter festival, treasure festival… Don’t miss any opportunity to hunt for the most gifts. These events also help you get more promotion points.


Funny cartoon image style

Everything in the game is depicted in 2D cartoon style. As a result, it brings friendly images to all gamers, including children. The items on the puzzle board are familiar car models. The character system is also very close to daily life. Besides, the eye-catching puzzle effects will make your puzzles more interesting. Accompany your favorite characters and conquer every puzzle.

Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle is a different match-3 puzzler. You will find here more than 4000 puzzles with new gameplay and a new story. What was more amazing? This is your chance to learn the new match-3 rule. But just touch the screen to match the car and solve the traffic problems. Addictive, refreshing, and idle is what this game has to offer.

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