Toy Blast 15264 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money/Lives/Boosters APK
Toy Blast MOD APK 15264

Toy Blast 15264 MOD Menu VIP, Lots of Money/Lives/Boosters APK

Written by Hai Nam (6 days ago)
Name Toy Blast
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Peak
Download 123
Size 136MB
Latest Version 15264
MOD Unlimited Money/Lives/Boosters
Category Puzzle
Price FREE

Welcome to the game world in Toy Blast. This is where you will find thousands of colorful and fun puzzle levels. Just tap the screen to solve the puzzle, so you’ll feel the fun at your fingertips. Combined with super cool boosters, you can create tons of great combos to score record points. The game also offers a series of fun events every day and a legendary arena where you can compete with your friends. Each event comes with great rewards for you to unlock and explore. What’s better than this? Get ready to embark on a dazzling puzzle adventure right on your screen.

Toy Blast – A familiar and addictive puzzle game!

You’re probably no stranger to the familiar match-3 puzzle mechanics here. It is quite easy to play and fun, combined with a well-built story element. You will accompany the lovely little girl on the journey to explore the tiny toy kingdom. It’s been a long and inspiring journey, but it’s also full of challenges that she couldn’t overcome all by herself. She will need your help to go as far as she can. Just touch the screen to do it, but the challenge for you will be increasingly difficult. Moreover, you always have a bustling competition on the online leaderboard. Work hard for great rankings and rewards.


Enjoy thousands of interesting puzzles

So far, the game has more than 5500 puzzles. These puzzles are keyed into daily challenges and more events such as the Star Tournament, Treasure Hunt, and Crown Rush. In each puzzle, your task is to collect enough special items, get the required score, collect all 3 stars, and much more. Levels will limit your moves to increase the difficulty of the gameplay. You need to complete the missions in this number of moves for as long as you like. After passing a level, you will unlock new levels, and also unlock some new characters to interact with. Moreover, you will accumulate points to unlock boosters.

So, how will you play? Simply tap the screen on groups of items of the same color to make them explode and score points. It can be a group of 2 or more items, but the more items the better. By combining your boosters and strategy, you can create tons of super combos to create beautiful explosions on the puzzle board. But in some difficult levels, items of the same color are randomly arranged and far apart. Therefore, you need to think carefully in each move to optimize the combination of items. Big combos will create special items, helping you to clear a row or wipe out the whole puzzle board.


Meet interesting friends

In the toy world of Toy Blast, you can meet many funny friends. It can be a tiny elephant, toy cars, adorable dolls, woolen animals, and more. They will appear on your puzzle and adventure journey to chat, interact and suggest you good ideas. But you’ll have to work hard to unlock new levels, thereby unlocking new characters. You can also get bonuses from the spinning wheel, and any character can appear there. Try to enrich your plot with vivacious and fun toys.


Discover powerful rockets

For puzzle games like this, you always need help from boosters. They will help you a lot in your puzzle journey, especially on super difficult levels. Specifically, you can find crayons, water guns, toy makers, buckets, and more. They have their own effects, such as changing the color of an item, creating new items, or destroying an item or any row… Those are great supports for you to create many great combos and clear the puzzle board.


Eye-catching puzzle effects

This game is suitable for all players, as it is designed with a cartoon style. The images in the game are all very lovely and fun, creating a sense of familiarity every time you look at them. The game scene is always bustling and colorful. The puzzle effects are eye-catching, accompanied by funny sounds that emanate from your every click. Thanks to that, the puzzle experience here will really make you addicted.

So, are you ready to join Toy Blast ? A colorful and fun puzzle adventure awaits you here. Not only that, you have online events and tournaments to join your friends. Don’t miss the chance to show your talent and prove it to every player around the world.

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