Towerlands 3.2.3 MOD Menu VIP, Free Gold Purchase, Free Gem Purchase, VIP APK
Towerlands: Tower Defense TD MOD APK 3.2.3

Towerlands 3.2.3 MOD Menu VIP, Free Gold Purchase, Free Gem Purchase, VIP APK

Written by Hai Nam (2 weeks ago)
Name Towerlands: Tower Defense TD
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Black Bears
Download 139
Size 144MB
Latest Version 3.2.3
MOD Menu, Free Gold Purchase, Free Gem Purchase, VIP
Category Strategy
Price FREE

Towerlands is a game built in the style of city defense. The content revolves around battles against countless enemies. They are goblins, monsters, demons, zombies, and more. Based on defensive gameplay with role-playing elements. You will have to recruit units of soldiers and lead them to participate in battles. The goal is to stop the waves of attack to protect the tower. By killing all enemies trying to invade. This is an offline game that can be played for free. With a lot of features provided to bring interesting things to players. From the graphics, the system is simulated on a realistic 3D platform. Until the combat environments open up in many different worlds.

Towerlands – Build Strong Forts To Stop Enemy Invasion!

The story of the game unfolds in a fantasy world. Set at the castle gates of a vast kingdom. From there, open defensive wars to prevent invasion from 4 races. Together they attack to capture the castle and gain dominion. To prevent that from happening will have to build strong defensive fortresses. Simultaneously recruit soldiers and arrange their positions in the fortress. Create a solid defense system to resist attacks from enemies. Only when wiping out all waves of enemies, don’t let them pass through the castle gates. Only then can the kingdom be protected.Towerlands

Face 4 enemy races

Attack of the invading enemy with the participation of 4 different races. Includes goblins, bandits, undead, and orcs. Each race has a variety of fearsome enemies. They are shaped and shaped in their own unique style. The difference is also reflected in the weapons and combat capabilities. For example some enemies of the bandit race. Can use swords or sticks to advance and attack directly. Or use a bow and arrow and keep a safe distance, then shoot arrows to deal damage from a distance. Besides, other races can attack in more diverse ways. Make it very difficult for the units you lead.Game Towerlands

More than 8000 waves of attacks

Following the story of the game Towerlands revolves around the task of defending the castle. Unleash over 8000 waves of attacks from enemies. Here the task system will take place according to each level of play. Each level will face a wave of enemies in large numbers. They use different equipment and even ride animals to enter the kingdom. Stand in front of fierce fighting to defend. You need to command the soldiers in the fortress to attack according to the best strategy. Aim to destroy all enemies to win and complete the mission. Then there will be a chance to receive rewards including gold coins and experience points.Tai Towerlands

More than 50 units

There are over 50 different units for you to recruit. They are heroes possessing outstanding fighting ability. Examples include archers, knights, warriors, magicians, ninjas and many more. Each hero is shaped differently, reflected in their appearance and appearance, as well as unique costumes. At the same time, each person uses their own weapons to attack the enemy in battles. However, they do not directly move in the arena. Instead will stand at a position on the fortress you command. Then use your weapon to attack the invading enemy.

There are more than 30 towers

To be able to overcome the waves of attacks in the next levels. It is necessary to upgrade the tower to strengthen the defense. According to the information provided, the game has more than 30 types of towers. But you need to use collected gold coins to upgrade in turn. Increasing the tower’s floor will accommodate more minions. At the same time unlock more modules to be able to support attacking units in battle. Start from a cart made from wood materials. After upgrading, it is possible to create a solid fortress later.Towerlands

The Towerlands game also has more than 40 different modules for you to use. They are fitted directly at the tower locations. Each module will bring a unique power. For example, create a rain of arrows to deal extensive damage. Fires fireballs to burn enemies. Or create a source of magical power and automatically attack as soon as they appear. Each module used in the defensive battle will bring a huge advantage. But to be able to retrofit modules or enhance their capabilities. Gold coins are required to unlock or upgrade.

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