Touchdown Master 2.1.38 MOD Unlimited Coins APK
Touchdown Master MOD APK 2.1.38

Touchdown Master 2.1.38 MOD Unlimited Coins APK

Written by Hai Nam (17 hours ago)
Touchdown Master MOD APK 2.1.38 brings you fun experiences, try to get the balls to the finish line as soon as possible to complete the level and receive rewards. In the MOD version, you will have a lot of money and coins in the game to buy items, costumes for characters, and unlock your favorite balls to have the most enjoyable gameplay. In addition, you can upgrade your movement speed, health and ball dribbling accuracy for free to help you easily complete tasks at high levels.
Name Touchdown Master
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher VOODOO
Size 59MB
Latest Version 2.1.38
MOD Unlimited Coins, Remove ads
Category Arcade
Price FREE

Touchdown Master is a game that combines running and throwing rugby. It offers hundreds of exciting levels that build on this gameplay and promise to keep you playing for hours. With simple gameplay and fun design, the game can reach all types of players, including children. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to overcome, as you will encounter dozens of challenges along the way. Control your athlete wisely to overcome all obstacles and opponents. When you reach the finish line, you can throw the ball and record achievements, thereby receiving a corresponding reward. In new levels, you will meet more interesting challenges. The running tracks are getting longer and longer, challenging your spirit. See how far you can go.

Touchdown Master

If you are looking for a fun Arcade game, Touchdown Master is the choice not to be missed. The game will challenge you in running tracks with dozens of different obstacles. Your task is to overcome all to run to the finish line and successfully throw the ball. Just swipe on the screen to do it, simple right? But the obstacles are getting denser, can you dodge them all? Do not miss any athletes along the way to strengthen the force. Moreover, collect gold coins and valuable items to assist you in shopping and upgrading athletes.


Explore hundreds of unique levels

So far, the game has had hundreds of different levels with extremely diverse maps. At each level, you only have one goal, which is to run to the finish line and score the highest achievement. To do this, simply swipe your finger on the screen to the right or left to control an athlete. He will have to overcome dozens of challenges along the way from the scattered bricks on the road to rival athletes always looking to steal the ball. You have to move him wisely to dodge the obstacles. You only have 3 lives on each level. Each collision will cost you one life. If you run out of lives and you haven’t reached your destination, you need to start over from the starting line.

Besides, as the level progresses, the challenge will become more and more difficult. The bricks will not stand still but can move back and forth, making it difficult for you to dodge. Moreover, the opponent will be more and more crowded. You must gather as many allies as you can to fight your opponents to avoid unnecessary collisions. Along the way, you can also find support items. In particular, the arrow symbols can help you jump over obstacles easily. Or the gold coins and keys are extremely useful to unlock and upgrade. When you reach the finish line, control your athlete to throw in the best achievement boxes to get the most rewards.


Unlock skins, upgrade non-stop

If you want to feel fresh, don’t hesitate to visit the store and unlock some new skins in Touchdown Master. Each skin requires you to pay, but in return, it makes your athlete stand out on the track. You can also unlock new colored skins for the rugby ball that give new effects when you throw. However, the upgrade is more important than that. You need to use gold coins to upgrade your character’s stats to improve his abilities.

Specifically, there are three stats that need to be upgraded, including throwing power, Rush time, and bonus amount. As you improve an athlete’s pitch, he can throw further to take the rugby ball to higher achievement milestones. Besides, if you increase the number of bonuses, you can get rich from your sports career to enjoy unlimited shop shopping and upgrades. Some of the keys you collect along the way unlock special skins.


Simple but impressive graphics

The game has a fairly simple design style, suitable for all types of players. The image in the game is quite lovely, the background is always bright and colorful. Meanwhile, the athlete’s movements are extremely smooth. Every jump, run, and pitch is like a professional athlete. Along with vibrant and cheerful background music, every track in the game will help you relax. The map system is also quite rich and diverse, creating endless newness in the action journey.


Overall, Touchdown Master is a simple yet addictive action game. It will keep you entertained with super fun running and pitching levels. Make an effort to overcome all obstacles and score achievements with your throwing power. Don’t miss out on unique items and upgrade opportunities to improve achievements over time.

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