Total RPG 1.20.0 MOD Unlimited Diamonds, Remove Ads APK
TotAL RPG - Classic style ARPG MOD APK 1.20.0

Total RPG 1.20.0 MOD Unlimited Diamonds, Remove Ads APK

By Hai Nam April 12, 2024 (3 days ago)
Name TotAL RPG - Classic style ARPG
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Tzar Games Studio
Size 402MB
Latest Version 1.20.0
MOD Unlimited Diamonds, No ADS
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Come to Total RPG to become a liberator. Adventure missions through huge towers to face dangerous challenges. Fight countless terrifying enemies for survival. At the same time carry out the mission to destroy all enemies on the floors of the towers. From there, complete the assigned mission. This is a role-playing game that combines action mechanics. It takes place in an open game, set on the floors of the tower. Besides, it is a combination of classic style graphics. Recreate environments and landscapes in various locations. With realistic picture quality and beautiful snow combat effects. The combination of the sound system is changed to suit each scene.

Download Total RPG MOD APK – Become a Liberator to Explore Towers

Before starting the battle perform the mission, you can choose from three different characters. Consists of swordsmen, archers, and knights. Each character is a hero possessing superior combat ability, but attacking in his own style. The difference between them is also reflected in their appearance, costumes, and appearance. Accordingly, each character uses their own weapon to fight the enemy. For example, archers will shoot arrows with the advantage of causing damage from long distances. Swordsmen have the ability to attack with fast speed and flexibility. The last is the knight, who not only wields a sword but is also equipped with a defensive shield. Can fight mobile in fierce skirmishes.Total RPG

The process takes place

Choose to be a hero capable of fighting according to your playstyle. Then start the adventure through the big towers. Each tower is divided into floors. Following that came the appearance of a large number of fearsome enemies. They are everywhere and will rush to attack, to take your life. There is no other choice but to fight for survival if you want to survive the waves of attacks from the enemy to complete the mission. Will have to combine skills dynamically to destroy them all. At the same time move according to the instructions to find the door and climb to the next floor of the tower.Game TotAL RPG

Open gameplay, collect gold coins

The process of performing missions on each floor in Total RPG. The gameplay will be played in an open style. Can freely move to different areas. As well as using skills to combine, to attack your way. Accordingly, there will be a chance to collect a lot of valuable bonuses. They are dropped randomly after defeating an enemy. Or through finding treasure chests hidden in hidden locations. After opening, you will receive a large number of gold coins to accumulate. From time to time adventures take place on the floors. You will have the opportunity to collect a lot of gold coins to use.Tai Total RPG

The challenge increases when reaching the next floor

Stepping up to the next floor of the tower, the hero will face even greater challenges. Not only the number of enemies will increase more than before. And their abilities have also improved, and even more new enemies have appeared. This will be very difficult to survive. Because they are scattered everywhere you go and appear unexpectedly. Besides, the terrain on the next floor is also changed. You will have to move through many areas to find the last door to climb to a higher floor. But at the same time, there will be a chance to find a larger amount of money.

More than 50 pieces of equipment

Over time can improve the hero’s fighting ability. Through 50 different types of equipment to enhance strength. Includes weapons, costumes, rings, masks, and support items. Each piece of equipment will have many choices with its own stats. For example, weapons will increase attack speed and damage dealt. Outfits increase defense and have greater health. Likewise, other equipment will improve the corresponding stats. Through the Menu VIP, you can see the details of the hero’s current stats. Includes health, healing time, attack, defense, movement speed, attack speed, and critical rate.Download TotAL RPG

Go through the floors of the towers in Total RPG. Will face a lot of different enemies. They are shaped in their own way and use unique weapons. Examples include dry skeletons holding swords, scorpions, monsters, and more. Besides, when reaching a certain floor in a tower. It is also possible to face the boss in a fierce battle. With a combat ability far superior to normal enemies. As well as larger blood volume and size. Making the hero difficult to defeat, even at the expense of his life.

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