Toilet Games 3D 1.6.9 MOD Remove Ads APK
Toilet Games 3D MOD APK 1.6.9

Toilet Games 3D 1.6.9 MOD Remove Ads APK

Written by Hai Nam (15 hours ago)
Name Toilet Games 3D
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Gamejam
Size 71MB
Latest Version 1.6.9
Category Simulation
Price FREE

Promises to bring moments of fun entertainment. The game Toilet Games 3D is built in a simulation style. The gameplay takes place in the form of a simple puzzle. Played in offline mode, completely free. The content revolves around quizzes about toilets. With a lot of different genres taking place on each level. You will have to solve each toilet puzzle to be able to conquer all challenges. Win to the last level to enjoy the feeling of breaking the island. However, there will be highly challenging puzzles. Requires brain movement to give the most accurate answer. At the same time through the levels will discover many surprises. Includes throwing toilet paper, breaking barriers, spoiled ducks, catching phones, toilet collecting races, and many more.

Introduce about Toilet Games 3D – Solve Interesting Puzzles Revolving around Toilet Theme!

Based on the offline gameplay of the game Toilet Games 3D. Puzzles around toilet tasks will take place at each level. Each level is designed with its own challenge. Fun style and very fun. Your task is to solve the correct puzzle to pass. By observing and applying skills and thinking to make judgments. After completing the challenge can go to a new level. As a fairly simple game, there will be no rewards like in other games. Instead, it will focus mainly on the entertainment of people when participating. The difficulty will be increased every time a higher level is started. The challenge will be changed to more complex than before. In particular, the result is only one, so you will have many difficulties. But that’s what makes it even more enjoyable.Introduce about Toilet Games 3D

Various missions

Through the game levels, there will be a series of different missions to explore. Each mission in Toilet Games 3D is interestingly designed. For example, pour poop into the toilet, and control the duck to collect toilets in the race. Find the duck from the toilet, and control your finger to flush the toilet. Collect toilet paper rolls on the way, helping the boy find comfort. Or hit the duck to clean the toilet, spray the faucet to attack the duck. There are many other unique missions waiting for you to discover. Each challenge will be played out on a level. With different solutions, the answer is only one. In ascending order, after completing a challenge, the system will unlock a new level. With fun missions, entertainment is more exciting.Game Toilet Games 3D

Intelligence, replayable

To be able to win, complete challenges in the levels of Toilet Games 3D. Skills also play a very important role, which needs to be continuously improved. Along with that is the intelligence of the brain. Use a holistic view of each challenge presented. From the objects that appear, think logically to get the correct answer. Then follow each step in turn to give the most correct answer. From there can complete the task with excellent achievement. More specifically, during the implementation of the challenges around the toilet puzzle. If you fail, you cannot complete a level. You will be able to play again completely free. Just find ways to pass, then will move on to the next level. Discover more interesting and fun puzzles.Ear Toilet Games 3D

Join each level in turn

Start the challenge in the first level of Toilet Games 3D. You will have to find the golden duck in the clogged toilet. By tapping and pressing repeatedly to be able to see the duck appear. Before that, there will be a lot of different fruits taken out. Continue to move to the second level. A clean toilet but it’s been soiled by a cockroach. Use the hose to spray the water accurately. Kill the cockroach to complete the mission. Step into the third level in the context of a restroom. Will have to control the toilet to move in a fixed direction to collect the feces. The same goes for moving on to new challenges. Complete turn to be able to win. From there will prove your puzzle skills.Toilet Games 3D

Graphic design in cartoon style. Use bright 3D background graphics. Toilet Games 3D will recreate many different environments. Shown through the landscape, with the most comprehensive perspective. Revolving around toilet-themed puzzles, gold nuggets, breaking toilets,… and much more. Image quality is incorporated with animation elements. Recreate objects, and create figures of characters and ducks impressively. Along with that are funny sound effects. Help you feel entertained during the experience.

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