The Wolf 3.4.1 MOD Menu VIP, Money, Max Level APK
The Wolf MOD APK 3.4.1

The Wolf 3.4.1 MOD Menu VIP, Money, Max Level APK

Written by Hai Nam (1 day ago)
Name The Wolf
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Swift Apps LTD
Size 154MB
Latest Version 3.4.1
MOD Menu VIP, Money, Max Level
Category Role Playing
Price FREE

Based on the survival theme, unfolds in a vast forest. The Wolf game will help you integrate into the lives of animals. Specifically, you will play the role of a wolf, possessing sharp claws. Survival mission in a harsh environment to develop yourself. The goal is to become a leader of the pack, able to lead all wolves to become the ruler of the forest. In particular, the role-playing game combines survival elements. You will have the opportunity to explore many different game modes. Played in online, real-time multiplayer. Can play with friends or other players. Even compete with each other in PvP matches. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to explore the beautiful natural environment. Built on the foundation of 3D graphics.

Introduce about The Wolf – Become A Wolf To Join The Jungle Hunt!

The gameplay of The Wolf takes place in a survival style. Play as a wolf to start the adventure in the forest. You will have to look for other animals. Typically rabbits, deer, mice, cats, pandas,… or buffalo and cow animals. They appear at many locations in the forest. During the hunt, you will encounter. Use the power of wolves. Rush to attack, after each successful hunt a prey will receive experience points. In turn, accumulating over time, the wolf will increase to a new level. Gradually, when reaching a certain level. You can unlock more new skills. Increased hunting ability, with sharp claw attacks. Combine other skills to make the hunted target quickly lose their life.Game The Wolf

Pay attention to blood, hunt with teammates

During the hunt, which takes place in the vast forest of The Wolf. You need to pay attention to the amount of blood. Because when they attack their prey, they will fight back. The amount of blood will gradually decrease. When depleted, it means loss of life. Causing you to return to the original location to continue. Moreover, you are not alone in the hunt. Will accompany other wolves, which are all online players. To become a leader of the pack of wolves. Requires your survival skills to be very flexible. As well as the level and fighting ability must be stronger than other wolves. To do that, it is possible to combine minimaps for observations. Track the location of other wolves, choose the right hunting location to have a chance to hunt more animals.The Wolf

Wolves, grow in strength

Coming to The Wolf you can role-play into many different species of wolves. Each species of the wolf has a unique and impressive appearance. Typical is the mighty gray wolf, the white wolf, and the mysterious black wolf. Their ability is expressed through the amount of health, damage, defense, and movement speed. Based on each level of play, their strength will be changed. Depending on how you play, it is possible to develop the power of the wolf at will. By using game-specific money to upgrade each power stat. From there will create a wolf with its own outstanding ability. For example, the advantage of speed is being able to move quickly. Advantages of attack, causing great damage to the prey. Or upgrade focused on defense, reducing your health insignificantly.Introduce about The Wolf

There are 2 game modes

The Wolf has 2 main game modes. Includes co-op mode and PvP mode. Each mode opens up an adventure in the jungle with its own gameplay. For cooperative mode, you will hunt with other wolves. Together hunt the animals in the forest to develop themselves. Moreover, in this mode, you can also join your teammates in the boss hunt. Confronted with a giant beast, the ability surpasses that of ordinary animals. Or go to PvP mode to compete with other wolves in the arena. Show the survival skills and strength of a leader wolf. Defeat your opponent to win.The Wolf

MOD APK feature implemented of The Wolf

  • MOD Menu
  • Lots of Money
  • Unlimited gems
  • max level

At The Wolf, there are 2 main currencies. Includes gold coins emblazoned with wolf feet and purple diamonds. Each currency is used for a different activity. Through the hunt in the forest. After successfully hunting prey, you will receive gold coins. Or after the process of accumulating experience to reach a new level. There will be a chance to get purple diamonds. Gold coins are used to upgrade the wolf’s strength stats. Purple diamonds are used to unlock new skills.

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